Sony NGP GDC Panel Live Blog

Sony’s David Coombes will doing a presentation at GDC this year about the Next Generation Portable Platform (aka the PSP2). He’ll be discussing the features and potential of the device.

Blistered Thumbs will be live blogging the event this Wednesday, March 2, at 1:30 PM Pacific, join us to see what he has to say. Will there be a definitive release date and price announcement?

Live Blog through the link : LIVE RIGHT NOW!!

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remanutd552816d ago

anyway to see this live?

B-Real2062816d ago (Edited 2816d ago )

I've been searching but to no avail. Live blog is the best we have I guess. And blisteredthumbs seems to be the only one doing that! Kinda weird but at least there is one option

There will be pics later.

Co2-UK2816d ago

This is all true.

I could not find a live stream of it anywhere and blistered thumbs seem to be the only website in the world doing a live blog of the session.

Pictures will be uploaded to other websites after the event has taken place.

remanutd552816d ago

ohh man , i wanted to see it , anyways i hope videos appear later today , that would be kool

NiKK_4192816d ago

i wonder who ran through a clicked disagree on everyone...

OT: i haven't been able to find anywhere to watch a stream either, let alone a live blog even, besides this one

superadvanced2816d ago

that was a huge fail. all we learned is that ngp has some ammount of vram which was expected anyway because of the + on the powervr sgx543mp4+

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sinncross2816d ago

2 - 4gb cards seem a tad small. Was thinking more of the 4 - 6 gb range.

jaizenmonillas2816d ago

well its really easy for them to add since its a flash drive this time not umd or some kind of disc where its really limited for space. they will probably have 6gb in its 2nd year where more games will be ported.

Kain812816d ago

Sony are talking about average game size, not the maximum Card size, they comparing it to the the average PS3 game size...

Christopher2816d ago (Edited 2816d ago )

Max card size currently is 64GB, but costs a ton. 32GB is max you'll find on the standard market.

The sizes they're mentioning are game file usage, so they'll stick with a standard game cartridge with 8GB in file size. Games can be produced this small considering audio files will be compressed to 5.1 rather than raw.

Xwow20082816d ago

Yes ive been waiting for this :))

BluePumpkin72816d ago (Edited 2816d ago )

still they didn't confirm if uncharted is playable without the touch screens i mean who would want to climb a wall in uncharted using the touch screen?!!!!
edit: whats up with disagrees i was only asking a question you guys

remanutd552816d ago

uh? that has been confirmed to ages lol , you can play it the way you want to play it , if you want to use the touch screen or dual analogs , watch some gamespot videos to know more about it

djreplay2816d ago

don't use the touch screens then just press x, it was in shuhei yoshido's presentation in january. He used the touchscreen to jump over one log then pressed x on the next one.

BluePumpkin72816d ago (Edited 2816d ago )

ok didn't know that... sheesh
edit: @silkrevolver
no he said "don't use the touch screens then just press x"
as if i knew all along that it was confirmed...
p.s. sorry djreplay if i offended you

silkrevolver2816d ago (Edited 2816d ago )

We disagreed because you were complaining about something that they confirmed wouldn’t be an issue... then you assumed that remanutd55 was BSing you... then you got pissy when djreplay politely told you that you don’t need to use the touchscreen. That’s why.

pedrami912816d ago (Edited 2816d ago )

Think about it, as a start, most 3rd party/multiplatform games on the NGP will use 2GB, while exclusives will make use of the larger 4GB one.

I dont see why it couldn't raise in size later on.

My main concern is the devs might put too much emphasis with 3G on their games. I hope atleast half of the games are like the PSP, with a semi-console like experience with the option of 3G for online.

Not saying 3G is bad, just saying that most might go after the Wifi model. And lets face it, nowdays, Wifi is rather easy to find/obtain.

Kain812816d ago

Sony are talking about average game size, not the maximum Card size, they comparing it to the the average PS3 game size...
the card size must be bigger, since the cards have a large portion of rewritable memory for DLC as well.

SuperStrokey11232816d ago

They said DLC will write onto the card? I assumed it would stay on the system via internal memory.

pedrami912816d ago (Edited 2816d ago )

Wouldn't it be easier for DLC if the NGP had built-in storage instead ? Wouldn't rewriteable storage limit the actual size of the cards ?

Mr Tretton2816d ago

It's been theorized that they won't be able to actually use 3G for online gaming anyway. It'll just be for anywhere internet access.

SuperStrokey11232816d ago

How much internal storage is there? Did they finalize the AMount of ram?

B-Real2062816d ago

Coombes couldn't reveal how much memory NGP will have, but stressed that it was more than enough. "I can't talk about actual numbers, but compared to PSP we have a lot of memory... we're closer to PS3 than PSP in terms of memory size."

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