We Dare could save your relationship

Sarcasticgamer - A recent article by EsmerAlda portrayed the new video game, We Dare, in a very negative light. I believe that too many people are fixating on the 12+ age rating on the game, and not on the benefits that this game can have for the age group it is intended for… Adults. If anything, people in the United States should be outraged that we aren’t getting this game.

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JsonHenry2847d ago

No thanks. I'll just go the local swingers club instead of playing this with the wife.

Christopher2847d ago (Edited 2847d ago )

***I don’t know about the rest of the ladies out there, but I think guys are growing up lately with little or no disregard to the sexual needs of their women. This is the reason there are so many divorces! ***

I got a chuckle at that. First of all, it's very well documented on what the stereotypical woman needs to be satisfied. Second, many divorces are due to sexual issues in that many men find they need to look elsewhere for the satisfaction they crave. So, men love sex, and they look for getting it where they can, even if that's not at home. If the goal is to keep it interesting and maintain a relationship, most men will do whatever the woman wants as long as it results in sex.

***Guys just don’t know how to “warm up the oven” properly. Games like We Dare that encourage couples to step outside of their normal routines and try some newer spicier things seem like a great way to get couples to be a little more intimate with each other.***

I know exactly how to "warm up" my wife's "oven". And, let me tell you something, it's not through a game that has me spanking her while a remote is shoved down her skirt, putting her face/lips up against a dirty controller, or having me strip for her in our living room.

***Besides, the game isn’t asking people to strip down and swap partners is it? No really… Is it? Because that kind of sounds fun to me.***

Then go find a swingers club. That's pretty much what happens.

IMHO, if you're looking to spice up your relationship sexually, the first step is to put away the video games as a whole. We Dare feels more like a video game aimed at college kids who want something a bit more interactive than spin the bottle that still allows them to get somewhat intimate with one another without making it too awkward. It's definitely not something that will spice up the average sex life of a married couple. Especially those with children that likely play the Wii more often than they do and eventually find and play We Dare with their brother/sister. Now that's just creepy.

JsonHenry2847d ago

Yep, couldn't agree more. You'll find that a LOT of women are just as interested in new sexual adventures outside of their bedrooms if you open and actually talk to them about it. Hell, just going to a swingers club and hanging out without actually doing anything sexual can be fun for most couples.

But then you have those guys/girls that are so jealous even talking about it makes them fly off the handle. In those cases, divorces are getting cheaper and cheaper. You might want to look into one. No one likes being someone's "property".

PENGUINKK2847d ago

"Guys are growing up lately with little or no disregard to the sexual needs of their women. This is the reason there are so many divorces!"

If anything it's the over-sexualization of young women in this day's culture that's responsible.

DigitalPiracy2847d ago

The guy on the right definitely has a poop stain spanning the length of his asscrack.......

PENGUINKK2847d ago

Yeah, they'd have a hard time finding a worse picture for this article.

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