MyGEN's Halo 3 Review

MyGEN's Halo 3 Review has just gone live, check it out!

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JokesOnYou3942d ago (Edited 3942d ago )

mygen au:

"Halo 3 has been criticized for its graphics from first impressions in the Halo 3 Beta which was released earlier this year. Between then and launch, the graphics in the retail version of Halo 3 have improved dramatically. Halo 3 may not have the best graphics seen to date, but really packs in an impressive lighting system which makes parts of the game look nothing less than spectacular."

they have some really nice screenshots posted too

9.7/10= yep, the whole world is in on it


hep3942d ago

Great review and offers a bit more in depth then the first reviews out. Top stuff

Relientk773942d ago

we do not need 20 articles a day on this site on just halo 3 reviews. its ridiculous (i have the game its very good but come on... i want NEW news) ...

otherZinc3941d ago

This is ok, but those that go under a 9.7 is retarded!