The “3″ Reasons Why Nintendo 3DS Will Overtake Sony PSP2/NGP

DualShockers writes: "If the recent success of the Nintendo 3DS in Japan wasn’t enough, I have the “3″ definitive reasons why Nintendo has nothing to worry about with Sony’s upcoming release of PSP2/NGP. And trust me, my reasons are more than the typical fanboy outcries of “NIN10DO IS ARE BETERZZ” seen all over the internet. Am I trying to start a war between the systems? No, because this is a war that none of us can start. The companies started it. The very fact that these companies label their products as “competitively priced” is a clear indication that these products were planned to be pitted against each other. So, don’t go off saying that I’m trying to “fuel a fire” or trying to “troll.” Please. It hurts my feelings. Here goes my “3″ reasons Nintendo 3DS will be on top of the portable gaming food chain."

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Ninferno2820d ago

With all the news about netflix coming out today, 3DS is going to be awesome!

thevokillist2820d ago

Yea, Netflix on the 3DS nis pretty sweet.

Just_The_Truth2819d ago

awesome indeed but how many movies will be 3D, netflix already don't have many movies on instant stream normally without 3g won't you have to go to the coffee shop or sit at home to use netflix anyways no offense to anyone but i'm looking forward to the psp2 mainly b/c 3g=gps,access to ps3 media,netflix,apps from android!,psn access,internet(STAGEVU,BEEMP3 ,pandora, youtube, facebook anyone), location based gaming, online gaming, and mainly use as a phone trough skype(really cheap) or an app (who want to carry both) and so on all on the go.

Wenis2820d ago

Do we even need 1 reason? its obvious the 3DS is going to stomp the PSP2, just like last time.

Rainstorm812820d ago

Reason number 1 Nintendo handheld fans will support every ninty handheld........period

Shok2820d ago

Yea really, only one reason is needed to be said to prove it:

It's a Nintendo handheld.

Ninferno2820d ago

The writer's opening paragraph pretty much sums up the last three comments.

"And trust me, my reasons are more than the typical fanboy outcries of “NIN10DO IS ARE BETERZZ” seen all over the internet."

JoelT2820d ago

Got to love Sony fanboys reporting it as lame.
Any way I think Iwata made it clear why Nintendo will come out on top. Its all about the games.

BlmThug2820d ago

What Games ? Rehashes & Overmilked Mario

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