Black Ops First Strike 'Berlin Wall' trailer brings a little Scorpions back

XMNR: The Call of Duty: Black Ops trailer featuring Kobe Bryant and a cast of everyday Call of Duty players was a stroke of marketing genius. Making a trailer for the First Strike map pack by having two in-game characters perform to a song from 80s band Scorpions? Also genius.

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2fk2845d ago

ROBOT: COD is the best game ever

2FK: oh man his switch was turned on COD FANBOY, let me change it.

ROBOT: ((reboot)) COD is the same every year.

2FK: there u go much better

Dead_Cell2845d ago

Haha you're so witty, I'd have never thought of bashing COD.

Queasy2845d ago

What has that got to do with this trailer?

no_more_trolling2845d ago

im tired of people bashing cod now

even tho i dont like cod
bashing it is even more annoying

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MGRogue20172845d ago (Edited 2845d ago )

It's very well made.. but isn't that kind of false advertising..?

1. You can't do anything of the stuff in the trailer in the DLC itself.

2. That tank in the Berlin map doesn't shoot anything. It just sits there.. does nothing.

3. You can't get onto that little pillar thing that guy is standing on at the end of the trailer..

Dead_Cell2845d ago

You mean I can't make my character sing old eighties tracks in this DLC? Shocked. And. Apalled.

Queasy2845d ago

Bubbles for you!

That should be some kind of trophy/achievement.

"Make your character sing a power ballad."

mightyboot2845d ago (Edited 2845d ago )

They censored a part of the trailer when they kiss each other with explosions on their back forming an heart shaped mushroom cloud. /jk lol

AnonUser55552845d ago

Rather funny. Looking forward to DL'ing this on my ps3. BTW 2fk GTFO. Shouldn't you be off playing god's gift to fps gaming aka killzZZzone rather than posting?

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