Dragon Age II: The Decline of the Classic RPG (Hooked Gamers)

Dragon Age 2 may well turn out to be a great game, we really don't believe Bioware capable of creating a bad game. The problem is, it won't be a - Dragon Age - game, except for the title that's been slapped onto it. Bioware, it would seem, has abandoned classic RPGs and chooses to become a one trick pony.

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Urmomlol2845d ago (Edited 2845d ago )

Sounds like more whining from people who both:

1.) Bitch about games not having the balls to be original and refusing to try something new

and then

2.) Complain that games aren't remaining true to their roots.

This article is a load of garbage, as is the opinion of its author. Developers make games for fans who will embrace whatever they make because BioWare equates qualities -- not for fickle wannabe journalists who enjoy writing pointless, groundless criticism for hits more than judging a title on its actual merit.

Christopher2845d ago (Edited 2845d ago )

Classic RPGs were made the way they were due to limitations of technology. Same way how classic FPSs are no longer around as well.

The problem is that people somehow think this means that current day RPGs are lesser games because of the differences, which is furthest from the truth.

More RPGs today give the player more control over the storyline, improve immersion via audio and visual enhancements combined with writing that critics have confirmed have held up with some of the best stories from the past.

If you like classic RPGs, play them. But don't let your short-sighted view of what an RPG should be keep them from advancing.

AceofStaves2845d ago

Great post. You've articulated how I feel about the tendency some people have to be very nostalgic when it comes to older games.

I really enjoy how RPGs have evolved over the decades, and I look forward to the future.

kancerkid2845d ago

Hi, I played the demo and read the review, so I know how the final product will turn out and will then bitch about it, and whine.


teething2845d ago (Edited 2845d ago )

The classic rpg is a hard sell in the world of graphics whores. Graphics were abysmal in origins... But in return you had tons of content. Only the quality of the writing kept origins alive. Quantity at the cost of quality in graphics. You can't have both.

Now look at mass effect. Higher quality but less quantity. It is a tradeoff.

I will take quality any day. I dont have time for crap games.

And all this streamlining... Nothing but a good thing. There is a minority that hates change, and gets off on micromanagment, but game telemetry and feedback is king. Bioware makes the changes the majority of gamers want.

Agent VX2845d ago

This is what happens when you port a PC based game to the consoles. Lets get real here, there is a distinct difference between the average console based player and the average PC based player.

By moving the the classic RPG from PC to Consoles has dumbed down RPG’s as a whole. Bioware is trying to cater to the mass market by making the game accessible to all. Games like Mass Effect, I really enjoyed, nothing wrong with Action/RPG. But taking Dragon Age and now turning it in a mainly Action with RPG elements really turns my stomach.

That’s fine, it’s Biowares decision as it is their game. But the more I hear about how they are stripping Strategy and RPG elements out of DA for more button mashing, I definitely am not getting this game day one, might pick it up when there is a price drop.

In a generation of “Button Mashing” games that we now live in, I am really missing good old RPG’s from years ago. And the mass market of consoles is mostly to blame as is following the mighty dollar (EA Gaming), is a evolution of gaming that I despise.

I will wait until I play the full game, but from what I have played and read, this series is quickly turning to the worst.

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nothere4132845d ago

While I don't completely agree, I think you've gotten closest to how I feel out of all the responses here.

I feel like Bioware is doing their own thing now, that they're most comfortable with, and they're letting that leak into Dragon Age. Sure, it's not the best thing they could've done with the franchise, but it's not the worst either. It still seems to be a really fun and awesome game, just not exactly what we were hoping for.

I, for one, am gonna play it and (hopefully) enjoy it.

Xof2845d ago

Classic cRPGs are not "dying out." They've been dead for a very, very long time. The moment Bioware prematurely killed off the Infinity Engine, that genre died.

DA:O's PC version might have been a bit of a throwback to those glorious old days, but only slightly. It's silly to bitch and moan about DA2 being a simple, shallow RPG set in a cliche ridden setting, when that's something the Dragon Age games have been since their very inception.

Malebaria2845d ago (Edited 2845d ago )

Agreed. The times they are a-changin', simple as.
We're facing indeed the next step for wRPGs, like it or not, the simple voiced wheel with its ramifications, an arguably limited amount of choices and its implications on the overall experience.

That's not to say games like The Witcher 2 and Skyrim will not be fantastic, but to expect these games to follow the Classic RPG formula that BG2, Fallout and Planescape thrived on is, in fact, ill-conceived.

Stealth20k2845d ago

is it that hard to believe some people arent happy with the casual changes they made?

EA has there hands too deep in them

Gohadouken2845d ago (Edited 2845d ago )

Maybe if you actually played wrpg rpgs classics from bioware (and others) you'd realize that DAO ? been there done that , in a better fashion .

DAO's gameplay was a shallow imitation and throwback , when technology allow for more than imitating the clunkyness of great games that didnt have other choices back then .

Can you pause and properly strategize in DA2 ? Definitively yes , while those care can also play it in true real time ... not meridian 59 and other 90s mmo slo-mo

WhiteNoise2845d ago

People are retards.

DA2 has more stat based gameplay than DA:O.

All the abilities have much more descriptive objective stats so yuo can build your class the same way the RPG gamers of old do the maths.

In DA:0 abilities would just say "improves blood magic" and they didn't think out the skills enough. Passive boosts like the mages fire and ice buffs did not effect activated talents...and rune slots did not effect activated talents. This meant that I was losing +15 rune damage per weapon per hit, as well as +45fire damage and +20ice damage per weapon per hit when using activated talents.

So using *ANY* physical damage class was useless unless you just used all passive talents and vanilla attacks the whole game to maximise damage.

DA2 does not do this, it gives you ALL the info you need to build your class and the class balance is much better.

DA2 is more of a 'pen and paper' RPG than DA:O.

The A.I and graphics as well as animations and general gameplay is also better so I guess people who don't like it either like crap games or don't like RPGs.


Baka-akaB2845d ago

It indeed boggle my mind people doesnt see DAO's gameplay was rather insulting compared to the likes of BG 1-2 .

They cut the cord and created their own ip , claiming it was to get away from the weight and restrictions of the old D&D system .. yet in DAO they gave us the same thing , simpler and in pretense real time ,making it a mixture that didnt quite mesh .

DA2 is at least embracing what it should have been from starters .

Neckbear2845d ago (Edited 2845d ago )

...Actually, your opinion of "The A.I and graphics as well as animations and general gameplay is also better" is HIGHLY subjective, since some people would rather the somewhat slow and clunky, "Playing a Western MMO alone" party-based gameplay of DA:O, instead of "Playing a Korean MMO alone".

Your opinion isn't objective, the graphics, in my eyes, are horrible. Animations? Stab something throughout a plate of armor with a GODDAMN DAGGER, would be all I can say. The two-handed "I'M FREAKIN' CLOUD" weapons didn't HELP AT ALL, either.

And, by last, the disappointing lack of a top-down view that made DA:O's combat bearable on PC was taken away, like "Poof!".

And, while you talk about gameplay, what about the horrid dialogue, for example? "HURR I WANT TO BE A DRAGON".

...Which will make the already annoying "BE THE ERRAND BOY OF THREE FACTIONS/RACES/CITIES" present in almost EVERY BioWare game completly unbearable, for one.

"so I guess people who don't like it either like crap games or don't like RPGs."

Not only that comment is offensive, but also it's completly missing the point. No, I DO like RPGs, and I must admit- I can forgive flaws in a few games, look past them, and have a great time.

I find this part of your comment utterly hilarious, to be honest. Learn once and for all that your opinion isn't truth, and it's filled with subjectivity. Bringing down a group of fellows because they don't agree with you? C'mon, kid.

However, you know...

DA2 isn't a good game. At least the Demo wasn't.

And now, for the ad-hominem infested argument, just to let you know how you look now:

"People are retards.

DA:O has a more classical gameplay than DA2.

The abilities take some time to activate, the game is deeply strategic, and the combat resembles those games of the Infinity Engine.

In DA:O, you can use a top-down view, can make your characters wear any armor, and while there are some class imbalances, everything works beautifully.

In fact, it even has one of the most badass classes in any RPG: The Arcane Warrior.

DA2 does not do this, they give you a set of liniar skill trees that limit your progression ALOT. The UI feels ugly, and the game is casualized.

The dialog was horrible, and the wheel is completly laughable regarding responses. The whole game, in plot, also feels like a bad fanfic.

DA2 is less of an actual RPG than DA:O, as the main character is voiced, and the wheel takes away a good portion of your responses.

You cannot customize your characters, the animations are laughable, and the gameplay is CUHRAZILY bad. I guess people who like it either like crap games or dislike RPGs.


Kran2845d ago

Look. Bioware's moving forward. So should their games
Mass Effect 2 has some huge differences to Mass Effect 2, and yet nobody really complained about that leap.

So why are people complaining about Dragon Age 2?

Tex1172845d ago

Because the PC gamers are throwing a hissy fit.

Kon2845d ago

I don't think Mass Effect 2 had any difference over Mass effect 2, mainly because they're the same game.

Tex1172845d ago

Actually, in your sentance they are different. The "E" is in the first one but the "e" is in the second.

As for Kran's entry. He is right the jump with the phrase "has some huge differences to" is a leap between both Mass Effect 2 and Mass Effect 2 nobody complained about.

Kran2845d ago


It was a typo.

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