Kaz: Original PS3 price point was perfect, couldn't supply enough to meet demand

Playstation supremo Kaz Hirai has stated that the original price of the PS3 was perfect, which is supported by the belief Sony couldn't supply enough units to meet demand in North America and Japan. Hirai remarked that initially it was not a pricing issue it was just a supply issue and fortunately for Europe Sony improved their supply capacity. So we just have to ask ourselves, if the price was perfect, why can't they sell units why did they drop the price?and So on, And so on.

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bluebrad19744098d ago

Sony likes to confuse people obviously, either that or this is some kind suggestive brainwashing.

SonySoldiers4098d ago (Edited 4098d ago )

Zip your mouth off! You can't blame Sony, they are too perfect to blame on.

Stop complaining! Japanese technology RULES.. if you can't take it, just buy yourself a cowboy console the XCOW 360.

Omegasyde4098d ago

when he means "cowboys console"..... Hes referring to me

Sony Soldier thinks I am Bill Gates for some reason. Ignore him.

godofthunder104097d ago

the article is dead wrong.h*ll where i live at you could go in walmart,gamestop and buy as many as you want after launch.the guy at gamestop asked if i knew anybody that wanted a ps3 and if i did to send them to him because he had a lot of them and needed to sell some and this was about a month after the launch date.even now where i live at i could go to walmart and gamestop again and buy the 60 version of the ps3 for $400 because they are not selling where i live. .sony is just lieing to us again like they all ways do and that's a fact,so to say that the problem was that they sold out is dead wrong because i know.if it was true what he said then why didn't sony sell units after the launch when they sent more of them to the store.
but what's getting me is how all the people from america is still buying ps3s and cutting the 360 down after what they said on g4.i was watching the tgs on g4 when they interviewed some writers for game magazines in japan and they asked them why is it that the 360 can't seem to sell units in japan with the games they have and they replied that the japanese people or proud of their country and companies from japan especialy the game companies,so they refuse to buy anything that's not made in their country or owned buy a company from japan especialy from america because they want to help their own economy out.
if i was a sonysoilder like you claimed or a sony fanboy i would be ashamed that i buy a ps3 and hope that they win the console war and support japan economy and hopeing that a company from america fells after hearing that must be true what they said then,the japanese are smarter then americans especialy when it comes to supporting their own country.i bet that the japanese are laughing all the way to the bank at people that buy the ps3 saying how they don't have pride in their country like they do.well i have nothin to be ashamed about,i buy american product from companies in the U.S because it help our economy out,not japans.
years ago when they came out with that slogan buy americam made they said that if our buying habbits don't change then it will hurt the U.S and it wouldn't be the richest country in the world anymore,well they were right,japan is thanks to people from the U.S that buy japanese products and hope that american companies's just going to get worse for us as people keep thinking like this.
you could say all the crap you want to because that's all it is,and to say that it don't hurt our economy like the sony fanboys do is just plain stupid,all they have to do is understand how taxes works and they would understand what i'm saying and people been saying for decade when they came out with buy american.

Death4097d ago

You guys need to keep in mind that these are people trying to market their product. While most of us are aware the price was/is higher than many people will pay, you can't honestly expect someone from Sony to say it. Sure, what we would like to see is, ""Damn, I guess the launch price was a little high", it just ain't happening. Having multiple pricecuts and skus in the first year are enough to prove that the price needs to be lower. The biggest problem in the industry to me is not the bs that were fed on a regular basis, it's the people that actually believe it and then try to convince others that it's true.


barom4097d ago

I'm pretty sure PS3 was sold out on it's launch day (ebayers had a lot to do with it). Cmon a PS3 at christmas times went for like 2k (or 6k?) $ or something right? I don't really remember but yeah I'm quite confident that it wasn't until after christmas that the PS3 sales went down.

jaja14344097d ago


Actually China is the world economic power now. But Japan is still better than us in that regard so...

jackfatal4097d ago (Edited 4097d ago )

if people around the world think like u then American economy will go 1000% down!!
where do u think all the money that come to USA comes from?Iraq?maybe or at least thats y they killed 2 million Iraqi!! poor them!! or from Arab countries oil?? or from MS window that every body in the world is using or ur BurgerKing or pizza hut etc!!!!
or the weapons that all the countries is buying from USA to kill the others like Israel to Palestine?? just think of what u say before u say!!
and now japan has only the electronic lead and yet u want to steel that from them?? do u want the USA to sell everything in the world??
besides Japanese are the pioneer of console gaming!!
and maybe there is some true in ur word about they buy their product but not only because its Japanese but because sony and nintendo know what games Japanese want to play unlike MS who has mostly shooting games like Halo 3!!

i buy pizza hut because i feel like it, i buy KFC because i feel like it, i buy windows because i feel like it, i buy sony because i trust sony products, i buy ps3 because i liked ps1 and ps2!! i dont check the product country to buy it!! its all about who gives u wat u want and at what price and quality!!

bluebrad19744097d ago

I agree. I love my country, and to watch Americans bash America, and promote the Japanese like they are gods literally turns my stomach. I truly believe these people need to pack their **** and move to Japan where they belong, they don't deserve to live in this country. They would be surprised when they got to Japan and were treated like second class citizens because they aren't Japanese.

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CyberSentinel4098d ago (Edited 4098d ago )

This idiot is as ignorant and arrogant as the idiot he replaced.

And you lemmings call us bots!

Sony does not allow them to be honest or think for themselves.

Blind Lemmings, Follow The Leader.

Fisher3394098d ago

I can say the Price isn't near perfect.

Phantom_Lee4098d ago

perfect for them...since they lose less money that way..

DrWan4098d ago (Edited 4098d ago )

old article. Plus, what is the point of beating the dead horse? do you really think Kaz is going to say yah, my respectable teacher, sensei, mess up our company so I am here to fix it? no way, that not culturally accepted, and its not what a corporate leader would say or to point fingers at former leaders.

JasonXE4097d ago

"old article. Plus, what is the point of beating the dead horse?"

you if the rrod topic wasn't brought up every 24 hr and publish as a weekly article.

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