Why FPS Online Multiplayer is Ruining the Industry...(and Warping the Minds of Young Gamers)

Due to "online gaming", gamers have stuck to the most over-saturated genre for their multiplayer needs, First-Person Shooters. Find out why it's ruining the gaming industry in our latest article!

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2fk2848d ago

it's CODs fault a lot of games copying it and no more innovation...lets just wait for BF3 then online FPS will come back to life.

claterz2847d ago (Edited 2847d ago )

BF3 doesn't exactly seem that innovative either. Just another military shooter, I'm not saying it won't be a great game but you just really contradicted yourself.
And how is it CoDs fault that other game developers are too lazy to innovate themselves. IW bought multiplayer into the mainstream this gen with CoD4, since then developers have been putting multiplayer in their games because they want to please the CoD fans.

2fk2847d ago

Im just saying battlefield feels like a war game...u know cuz of destructible buildings and all.....the only way i will start liking COD again if they bring in some destruction and plz no more kill streaks

WhiteNoise2847d ago

Yes...because 1 military online focused game will destroy the cycle of miltary shooters focuses on online :S


reynod2847d ago

The real reason why we arent seeing any innovation is because freedom from the gamers has been taken away.

You still do see innovation however this is in games where the modder & gamers work together to create new ways to game. This can be seen in TF2, L4D2 where the developer has given the community the MOD tools and freedom to do as they like. For example a recent game mod i am enjoying in TF2 is the baloon race. Basically involves 2 teams standing on platforms which moves depending on the number of players on it. The basic objective is to ensure the other team doesnt get a chance to stand on their platform and your team wins by reaching the end asap.

These sort of things have stopped happening in games released by EA and Activision, because such user created mods would undermine EA's or activisions effort to sell DLCs. Also it would extend the life of the game by giving it new maps etc hence people wouldnt buy a rehashed COD every year with just new maps and a 4 hour campaign. They are able to control gamers this way due to consolization which are closed platforms and allow developers to control gamers as they will.

Many of the creative games out today, were originally designed by the modding community, a prime example being Portal, or Left 4 dead which were originally just mods.

As long as Developers keep rehasing old stuff and not allow freedom we wont get too far in terms of creativity.

SuperStrokey11232848d ago

But then what would jounalists write about?

forget the kids, THINK OF THE JOURNALISTS!

NeloAnjelo2848d ago

COD = Mainstream = Auto Aim = Kids...

Make the game more hardcore so the kids will cry the next time they pick it up.

Corrwin2847d ago

Simple, repetitive gameplay. It works. It worked for Tetris, it's working for Call of Duty and Halo, and it will continue to work for all who use it.

jrbeerman112847d ago

I will mention that halo and Cod play very differently.

sequels aren't going to completely change gameplay otherwise it would be a new game.

COD however is the Madden Football of shooters with very small updates year to year with 1 big year every 6 to 7 years.

Also look at the backlash behind dragon age 2 and mass effect 2, they give us the innovation that this article calls for and all you see is whining that it isnt just a rehash like COD.

Cajun Chicken2847d ago

I hate the over focus of everyone trying to be the next best thing, when all they're doing is copying the same damn formula.

jrbeerman112847d ago

I would like to add that battlefield 1942 came out a year before first Call of Duty.

Battlefield 2 "modern setting came a few years before Modern Warfare.

So while there is a ton of copying, Call of Duty borrowed a ton itself.

Lots of games borrow from others, if an idea is good I don't mind devs using it and building on it (uncharted was masterpiece using perfect blend of other games while adding popcorn movie flair). Problem lately is we aren't seeing enough innovation so its become very repetitive.

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