GameSpot: Dead Island Exclusive Preview - Zombie Species, Vehicles and Electric Machetes

You're no doubt familiar with the CG trailer that made the rounds recently and got seemingly everyone talking. Since then, GameSpot has had the opportunity to sit down and watch a hands-off demonstration of the beginning of the game and have much to cover in this exclusive report.

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Dante1122843d ago (Edited 2843d ago )

"We began our demonstration session with our character, Sam B in this case, lying on a slab inside the poolhouse, fading in and out of consciousness and only vaguely aware that the survivors had dragged him in while frantically fighting off another raging zombie that had somehow made its way inside. When we came to, one of the survivors, a frenzied man in a really loud tropical shirt, was standing over us with an upraised baseball bat, screaming at us to nod our head to acknowledge that we understood what was being said (presumably to prove we weren't another zombie) or he'd crack open our skull. Our character complied, and the crazed man set down the bat with a sigh of relief."

I seriously can't wait to play this game. Everytime I read more about it just keeps getting better. Zombie species, vehicles?....Electric Machetes?!?! <3 I really hope that the actual gameplay footage shows that it's game mechanics work and plays well. If so, they'll have a buy from me.

pangitkqb2843d ago

I'm getting pretty excited for this one myself. I wanna learn more and look forward to some in-game footage.

LOLOLFFSA2843d ago

I am waiting this game 4real but there is one thing that I do not like: Different zombies. Exploding zombies? Boss zombies?.. Seriously..I hope there are not going to be a lot of these.. I was hoping for a pure "realistic" zombie experience but since they try to get L4D audience with these..I seriously hope they wont ruin the whole game. Only time will tell.

xAlmostPro2843d ago

They are doing a few new things but after eading this it sounds more like they're rippong of dead rising and left for dead..

I thought they were going to go for a more 'real'(if it's possible to say that about a zombie game)/serious approach, as in you would always be outnumbered and have to rely on things you'd actually find. With it actually being a struggle to survive etc.

Where as now with this you can make electrified machetes and exploding throwing knifes, while having unlocks that let you punch apart zombies limbs etc.

Im still interested, it's just sounding less like what the trailer and 1st details suggested. I'll look forwarded to hearing/reading more before i make full judgement though.