Are bosses even necessary for video games anymore?

Have boss fights lost their novelty in this day and age?

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bgrundman2848d ago

Honestly, I have always felt that boss battles were unnecessarily archaic pieces of game design that should have been left in the SNES era. There is still some place for it now, under the correct circumstances, but not enough to justify its overuse in the JRPG genre.

Tommykrem2848d ago (Edited 2848d ago )

Boss fights are important to the structure of classic JRPGs. You train against smaller enemies, and the ultimate challenges that really tests your tactic skills are the bigger enemies. Most FF games would've been near useless without their boss-fights. (And often very good boss fight theme music)

Anyway, with games like Demon's Souls and MGS4 I think boss fights have proven that they're here to stay, but a lot of other games have proven that they aren't neccessary to make a good game.

QuodEratDemonstrandm2848d ago

Well said bubble for saying what I was thinking, and an agree for mentioning Metal Gear Solid. The End in MGS3 and Crying Wolf in MGS4 are particular favorites of mine.

RedDead2848d ago

I also what to throw in the hack and slash genre. Epic boss fights are a must in them.

angstygaijin2848d ago

I see the point of this article, though there are sometimes cases where the absence of a good boss fight can wreck a game.

Case in point: Fable II...

Bosses are important in JRPGs. They can also be used to change up gameplay elements in action games like the God of War series.

Pozzle2848d ago

It's interesting the site used a picture of FFX's Seymour. Even though many people didn't like his character, I thought his boss battles, while difficult, were just as fun as any other Final Fantasy boss. Just imagine how boring JRPGs would be without bosses. Bosses are used to give you an idea of how strong you are supposed to be at that stage in the story. If you're appropriately levelled and have the right weapons/items, you won't spend forever on these battles.

It's also interesting that they used Uncharted 2's Lazarevic as an example of an ideal boss battle. I thought one of the very few complaints people have about the Uncharted series was that the final bosses weren't as good or climactic as they could have been. I hate to say it, but I thought it was a rather generic battle for such a superb game.

tunaks12848d ago (Edited 2848d ago )

What would SotC be without them?

Urrakia342848d ago

Isn't the whole point of playing a video game to get to that final level where you have to defeat the "boss" and see the ending?

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