X360A - The Gunstringer Kinect Hands-On

X360A - If there’s one game developer out there that’s synonymous with the Xbox Live Arcade, it has to be Twisted Pixel; a studio that has almost become Microsoft’s poster child for the service in recent years. Kicking things off with The Maw back in early 2009, each title has looked to build upon the studio’s success and with ‘Splosion Man and Comic Jumper hitting the right note with gamers, it was only natural that the studio would get more ambitious.

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btk2845d ago

Actually looks cool.
Innovative how they overcome the problem. Use two hands, and not full-body tracking + digit recognition. Could work well.

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Stealth20k2845d ago (Edited 2845d ago )

looks like shit covered in dead bodies. Hown he say its not casual shovelware with a reticular that huge

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fear882845d ago (Edited 2845d ago )

I will have to see how this plays out.

But it kind of is reminiscent of a move game without the buttons and analog input.

Essentially you move your character with one hand (up, down, left and right) like a d-pad and you hover over your targets until it locks on and then recoil your hand to fire.

Just by the description alone it sounds like this could have worked as an eyetoy game and a dual analog stick game.

It might be fun in its own right but just does not seem as impressive as Xbox fans are making it out to be.

In fact it actually sounds like this could be ported to any game device because it requires 2 basic input methods.

DS - Dpad to move character/touchscreen to lock-on/l-trigger to fire

Iphone- Left analog touchpad to move character/touchscreen to lock-on/flick to fire

PSP- Face buttons to move character/ analog nub to lock on/r-trigger to fire

Wii- Wiimote D-pad to move character/Wii movement to target/T button or flick to fire

360 non kinect- Left Analog stick to move character/Right to lock on/ Trigger to fire

PS3 non move- Left Analog stick to move character/ Right to lock on/ Trigger or Flick to fire

PS3 with 1 move controller & 1 nav or DS3-
Analog stick to move character/ Move to lock on/ Move trigger to fire

PS3 with 2 Move controllers- Left Move controller moves character/ Right move controller locks on/ Trigger to fire

PS3 With PSEYE- Left Hand to move character/right hand to lock on/ recoil right hand to fire

I mean just on that alone it is not very innovative in any regard.

etowntwo2845d ago

Your probably right.

But it's the fact that it can be played without using any controller is the key difference. It's a whole new experience and a different kind of fun.

fear882845d ago

But it could be played without a controller. It could easily work on the PSEYE and even the eyetoy. It is such a basic design and interface that it could work with anything. Hell I am sure (if you had the time) you could port it to the genesis and use the sega activator.

It really isn't a new experience and it could easily work exactly the same on the Wii without any degradation of gameplay quality and type.

Essentially it isn't a new experience or a different kind of fun but a different basic interface being used.

I doubt if it was on all platforms anyone would prefer kinect over any other interface and vice versa because the gameplay doesn't change. The fun is not dependent on the existence of a physical controller or not if it feels exactly the same. Which it would.

On the Wii you would still move the controller the same way. The move the same way. In fact the lack of a physical tactile interface for this game could lend itself to the pitfalls of being overly simplistic or incredibly cumbersome.

Kon2845d ago

Looks cool. I might try this out.

Neko_Mega2845d ago

I like how fanboy it sounds, by just saying "Anyone who said that Kinect was a casual write-off should be eating their words right about… NOW!".

It looks like something that could have been done on PS2 with the EyeToy or Wii. I like how they make it sound like it is a big thing.

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m232845d ago

Loved Splosion Man, can't wait to try this out. Hopefully its not a full $50 game considering its an XBL release. They should do more Kinect games on XBLA in my opinion.

testerg352845d ago

I think the only problem with XBLA option is that a lot its limits the number of possible sales. I think it should be sold in retail but lower than the typical kinect games.

TheROsingleB2845d ago

The costs for printing the retail discs and packaging would make the game cost more than its online downloadable counter-part (typically, XBLA titles are $20 or less). Would people being limited to offline, or little-to-no hard drive space pay an extra, lets say, $10-$20 for a boxed product with the exact same content?
Personally, I don't think a lot of XBLA titles are worthy of a retail package since most of them are bite-sized titles.

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