iPad 2 Unveiled Today, Already Obsolete

With all the great new upgrades to the design, it's already going to be a question of getting this one or waiting till September for the iPad 3. Read, and tell us why you think you'd still get an iPad 2 anyway.

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Warprincess1162841d ago (Edited 2841d ago )

I still don't understand why people buy ipads. It just a bigger ipod/iphone. Atleast the iphone is portable.

Raendom2840d ago

What's MORE ironic is that Apple have stated they are thinking about making an iPhone Nano so that they can cater to an even wider audience with a cheaper smartphone.

It's like... Make your mind up! Is iOS better on the iPhone, iPad or iNano? IMO, it's the iPhone-- Which hasn't changed GREATLY since the advent of the AppStore. :\

Tachyon_Nova2840d ago

2 things.
Firstly I agree that iPads are a huge waste of money, but I go to University and loads of people use them for taking notes during lectures, reading online textbooks etc. Basically they are using them as they would a netbook with the advantage that it has the app store and that it's lighter and smaller than a netbook.
Secondly @ 1.1, Apple have not talked about an iPhone Nano at all, people have been speculating about it.

kneon2840d ago

Except compared to a netbook, an ipad has far less capabilities, and costs more.

sashimi2840d ago

Yeah...A buddy of mine got his for $250, that is 50% off from his University. Might be the reason why people in school are using it. but besides that i see no use for them.

trounbyfire2840d ago

LOL apple fanboys are the worse, they insist that the ipad is much more than a big iphone.

it looks the same and runs a modified ios ment iphones.

whats even funnier is jobs is their tony stark but i am pretty sure apple research and development it the true mind at apple.

it has HDMI out.. droid all ready has it
front and rear camers...really that news everything has them now
faster processor ok did you need a conference for that

ITS A JOKE but wait sony puts out top of the line products like ps3 and NGp and get hammer on price yet sony pushes the industry forward.

apple come out with an over price touch phone and acts like they invented the idea and people love them.
the mac pc which lets be honest it a computer OS they are not that different and over priced
THEIR WER internet tables with touch before apple and they have the nerve to say people are copying them.

trounbyfire2840d ago (Edited 2840d ago )

sony and some of these other companies give you all the features up front and the price may be high but you are paying for the device with features

not a social status and a device that lacks features

"They repeat had nauseul that it's the same bigger . So what ? it shows and that precisely what some people wanted , deal with it"

so everyone know its the same but apple fanboys just ignore it and pretend that apple invented, the touch phone, the digital mp3 play, i tunes like store, internet tablet

sounds like they have the problems pal. apple is by far a horrible company that way over prices and then sales you the same device over again with some features that should have been in the first one

Baka-akaB2840d ago (Edited 2840d ago )

guys like you are every bit as bad .

They repeat had nauseul that it's the same bigger .
So what ? it shows and that precisely what some people wanted , deal with it .

Of course there are idiots who just follow trends and dont actually have a use for it . And so what ? its the same for many tech things

Baka-akaB2840d ago

I rest my case , you are as stubborn and seems as obnoxious .

The only difference i notice between you and them is that well you dont like the device .

thewhoopimen2840d ago (Edited 2840d ago )

I keep wondering why you reiterate ipad being just a giant iphone and then go on to praise droid tablets.... "Technically" according to you... wouldn't that make android tablets just giant android phones? So are you feigning ignorance or impartiality? Because you can't have your cake and eat it too.

As for your rant on Apple, please do read up on your history. Apple is one of the first companies to come up with the PDA in their 1992 product Apple Newton Messagepad (which is the predecessor to the smartphone/tablets). Internet tables came out closer to like 2008 (I think u are referring to Microsoft Surface). My Messagepad had handwriting recognition and you could add a modem card to surf the "web".

Apple isn't a joke. As a company they've had to live underneath the shadows of competition from the likes of IBM and more recently Microsoft to get where they are today. They've surpassed Sony as the
largest retailer of music players, and they did this all pretty legitimately.
You guys this gen are looking at Apple the hegemony, but realize this company started out from 2 college kids designing a computer in a garage to take on IBM. They were the underdog. They had their ideas stolen from under them by a so-called "buddy" Bill, and yet they've managed to get where they are today.

As CEO Steve Jobs salary is $1 a year and what money he does have comes from Stock options he he's barely touched since 1997.

trounbyfire2840d ago

I wasn't going to waste my last bubble on you but what the heck

first i was refereeing to the droid phone not the tab.
second atleast the xoom has its own OS made for a tablet
third i don't care about apple or droid devices meaning i am not a fanboy of either but i do love Oled screens.
you seemed to misunderstand. with other companies you get more day one and not some version with less basic features.

" Apple is one of the first companies to come up with the PDA"

you proved my point.
The first three commercially available tablets were GRiDPad, Freestyle, and the Poqet PC all in 1989. in 1991 the The Momenta Pentop and NCR released model 3125. this is the year apple started development the newton and in 1993 they released it. yeah apple is not a tablet pioneer.

apple business practices are wrong and you know it.
don't give me apple origns story because they all borrowed from each other doesn't the Xerox Alto bring the image of jobs seeing his first GUI and lisa was born....yeah that happened


kneon2840d ago

I had tablet computers running windows 3.1, that was quite a while a go. And even so they still had more capabilities than todays ipad. It was slower of course but they could do more. No you couldn't browse the web, but that's because there was no web to browse.

As for the Newton, the Psion came out 10 years before and did pretty well, unlike the Newton.

thewhoopimen2840d ago (Edited 2840d ago )

I really have to wonder how old you are to think that throwing wiki solutions at me is going to win you some argument.

I'm sorry but looking at brand new concept and coming up with a usable commercial solution vs. borrowing and reverse engineering code are two completely different spectrums of your simplistic definition of "copying."

Have you ever looked at the Xerox Parc file system? It is not an OS in any sense of the letter. Its a concept of icons, menus, and windows, and checkboxes with a mouse. That is no more than looking at a set of batteries, wheels, and motor, and being told its a car. If that is considered copying then god help us because tablets must have been copied from a chalkboard with the chalk as a stylus and the slate as a touchscreen. The proof is also in the pudding. Xerox never sued Apple for breach of patents or intellectual property. If a company was making "millions" off your idea, wouldn't you? The fact is, the filesystem was never a GUI system OS.

Before you shoot back with your nonsense, why not take a look as I mentioned of the multitude of books about Apple/Microsoft. Did you know that Microsoft borrowed one of Apple's prototypes to "supposedly" help with the design for Microsoft Word? No, obviously not.

You prefer to mire in some delusional world where Apple somehow copied Freestyle, Poquet, and the GridPad. If you took the time to actually look at each of these individual products which are freely available online, you would have noticed only the Gridpad had some sort of semblance of handwriting recognition / tablet form, but it was Palm quality at best.

Contrast this with:
And we see Apple coming up with their own unique solution to a tablet system. How do I know this? because of input placement being different, gesture usage w/ the stylus being unique to each platform, etc.

I might be rude enough to also point out Apple being the only one out of all these early pioneers to still be around and actually making success out of a challenging idea-to-market product.. nearly 20 years later.

Contrast that with what we see today with both smartphones and tablets and I think it's pretty safe to make note that almost all manufacturers of androids, blackberries, and symbians or whatever follow Apple's same form factor, same basic desktop interface, with the gestural movements (swiping, pinching, etc.) being like for like. You can delusionally call that convergence, but I call "that" copying.

Oh by the way being number 4-5 out of a group of companies to come "up" with a PDA product does not make Apple a "copier".
Literally stealing code however... is... and Microsoft has shown PLENTY of that over the years.

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gameguidedog2841d ago

I like to buy all kinds of products i'll never use so I can fill my glass case with nostalgic technology items that can never be touched by human hands.

kookie2841d ago

Made in china hahahaha

DJMarty2840d ago

Without 'Flash' support, iPad 2 is DOA.

There are miles better tablets on the market that will wipe the floor with this on price, features.

Tablets are pointless

Active Reload2840d ago (Edited 2840d ago )

Who in their right mind would agree with you? DOA? Really? Did you just say that?

"Sound familiar?"

Actually, no, any examples?

Tachyon_Nova2840d ago

Yeah, no Apple product will ever be DOA simply because apple fans are so dumb that they get caught up in the hype.

Sound familiar?

kneon2840d ago (Edited 2840d ago )

Tablet aren't pointless, but their limited capabilities don't justify the ridiculous price. Based on what it can do an ipad (and similar devices) should be no more than $200.

G3Titan_2840d ago

I'll just keep my old one

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