Secret Life of a PS3 Gigolo


"We here at would like to issue an apology to you. Generally TPSS is at the cutting edge of modern gaming and the gaming culture in general. However it has come to our attention that something has slipped through the cracks.

Within the past week it came to our attention that there was a service offered by This service allows people (read men) the ‘privilege’ of paying for gaming time with a ‘sexy’ gaming woman. Sadly we did not learn of this fact until an article appeared on titled ‘Secret Life of an Xbox Call Girl’. After this knowledge was obtained we have been working night and day to bring a similar service to our fans and listeners."

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donnaluke20032846d ago

Doing it for the ladies since 1985

TheLastGuardian2846d ago

With a picture like that, this article is bound to hit 1000 degrees.

hamsterfist2846d ago

It would be a long, slow climb. In my experience it has to hit the front page around 100. This got approved to fast actually and too early.

Warprincess1162846d ago

Those pics were disgusting. I think im gonna have nightmares tonight.

Quagmire2845d ago

Thats what a REAL man looks like.

None of the fake plastic ken doll types in films and television.

hamsterfist2846d ago

this is probably gonna die a quick death, which is too bad.

Tommykrem2846d ago (Edited 2846d ago )

God, Sony didn't know what they did when they trademarked the phrase "It only does everything"!
My poor, poor eyes...

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