Hackers and pirates are ruining gaming

Hackers and pirates are ruining gaming for the rest of us. It is a common misconception that pirating a game is a victimless crime. If anything, there are millions of victims. When games are pirated, developers and publishers lose money. This in turn hurts gamers everywhere.

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2fk2848d ago

AGREED....whats the point of hacking??

cozmo1952848d ago (Edited 2848d ago )

Good side of hacking


bad side

People who think they can "hack" on games ruining your gaming experience

F*cking piracy

maybe they should make homebrew with PS store style homebrew downloads ;) and keep back up managers off it or make one that requires you to have original disc in the PS3 before you can load the backup like 360

M4ndat0ry_1nstall2848d ago

Why is this an issue all of sudden? The only developers that were forced to shut down due to poor sales in recent history were;

Free Racial (Haze)
Factor 5 (Lair)

Neither of these studios shut down due to piracy...

Xander7562848d ago (Edited 2848d ago )

Because now the number of copies being illegally pirated is starting to surpass actual game sales. Gamers are so brainwashed that they are actually siding against the industry and supporting hackers like Geohot! Something has to change...

nix2848d ago

Hackers, pirates and gaming 'journalists' are ruining the gaming.

chak_2848d ago

Yeah somehow.

People have to stop pirating games, they're not supporting their industry that way.

Like it, buy it.
Don't like, don't buy.
Like it but don't have the money, wait for a steam sale.

Simple eh?

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