IGN: The Last Guardian and an Old Dog

At the beginning of the adventure, Trico and the boy have a shallow connection. This might seem irrelevant when it comes to gameplay, but it's not. The Last Guardian puts you in control of the boy and Trico is an AI-controlled partner. This is more than just a massive "escort mission," however. The brilliant thing about the dynamic between the two is how their relationship develops through the subtle animations which emerge out of gameplay.

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2fk2820d ago

this game looks good

Dante1122820d ago

Sounds pretty interesting. I can't wait to see more footage on this game.

Booyah2820d ago

is it a 3rd masterpiece from them ?!

Lekumkee2820d ago

Pssshhhhhhh... looks ok. Haven't you guys heard that Ninja Theory is this generations Team ICO? /s

NukaCola2820d ago

LoL, when I read that I had a chuckle but then I realized the author was serious, then I used profanity at the screen.

jalen2472820d ago

Graphics are amazing...