Crazy Gamer Claims Modern Warfare 3 Better Than Sex?!

Crazy gamer still has ambitions about Modern Warfare being real! Hear the crazy things he have to say about it....

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2fk2848d ago

COD better than sex??? YUCK!!! your crazy!

anthraxCZ2848d ago (Edited 2848d ago )

if he would at least choose another game than call of duty, but still... well, it is about priorities :))

SilentBlack062848d ago

true that man...true that xD

Blad3star2848d ago

I agree - Its not only better but alot safer too. Dont have to worry about catching AIDS or an STD.

xtremexx2848d ago

Maybe He Cant Get Sex lol

Pixelated_Army2848d ago

Just more of the same old shit! Fuck off COD, die already.

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2fk2848d ago

i can never get bored of on the other hand get boring after a while

Blad3star2848d ago

"i can never get bored of sex"

Wait until you get marrid and try having sex with your wife after one year.

TheLastGuardian2848d ago (Edited 2848d ago )

Yeah, MW3 is better than sex... sex with your grandma.

MerkinMax2848d ago

You ain't seen my grandma!!! *goes to hell*

limewax2848d ago

@2fk - the funniest part is someone disagreed. What a sad existence

2fk2848d ago

pshhh they're probably virgins shhhhh

HxCGamer2848d ago (Edited 2848d ago )

i could see what he means... because if you can get sex whenever, then you might deny sex for a game

since u can have it after u finish the game...

but considering cod sucks... that just makes him an idiot

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Tuxedoassassin2848d ago

Then what is BF3? Better than sex, movies, music alone? :D

Kon2848d ago

No game is better than sex. period.

TheLastGuardian2848d ago

Depends on the game and the sex partner.

DaBadGuy2848d ago

If the game is like Uncharted 2 and the sex is with Roseanne or Gene Shallot then yeah the game is better.

Idk why Gene Shallot is the first guy that came to mind after Roseanne.

Killzone3___2848d ago

what about Uncharted 3 ?.. :D

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