Nintendo confirm plans underway for The Legend of Zelda 25th Anniversary project

Nintendo Universe writes:

During his keynote speech today at Game Developers Conference '11, Nintendo President and CEO Satoru Iwata has confirmed that the company is currently planning a special project for The Legend of Zelda series, which this year celebrates its 25th anniversary since it first launched in Japan in 1987.

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tweet752848d ago

hopefully a compilation with every zelda game, including master quest ocarina of time and CDi titles just for historical perspective.

Dark_Charizard2848d ago

Why not give the original TLoZ and ALttP a complete graphical overhaul instead? That would be much much better imho :)

Nugan2848d ago

The key phrase: "allowing all Legend Of Zelda lovers to celebrate this together."

This makes me think of some kind of cross-platform plan, since the emphasis is on "all" and "together."

Maybe some kind of link-up feature for OoT3D and SS? Or a simultaneous release of both games? Or some kind of downloadable package that's available on both the Wii and 3DS?

pcz2848d ago

the 25th anniversary will be redundant unless it comes out before christmas.

they have ocarina of time remake and skyward sword. its going to be a zelda overload this year.

personally, im skipping ocarina 3d, and not too excited about skyward sword.

TBONEJF2848d ago

Gives me goosebumps. I CAN'T WAIT!

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