9.0 : Beyond Good & Evil HD Review

Beyond Good & Evil HD may not look as impressive as other recent releases, but thanks to overtones of oppression and sinister government regimes (subject matters which will probably always be relevant), the story has certainly aged really well. The game has a heart that so many other titles will search hard for and never find. Sure, the gameplay isn't revolutionary and, yes, the camera isn't perfect, but the setting, imagination and passion on display here all shine through so brightly.

The game is difficult to pigeonhole. Part platformer, part vehicle-based game, part hack and slash title. Maybe that made it a hard sell first time around – what is it? The intelligent subject matter may have hindered it previously, but with this digital re-launch, perhaps it will find favour with an older fanbase and pave the way for a deserving sequel. Maybe this time around gamers will finally appreciate its charms, it has so many.

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