VGW DLC Review: Dead Space 2: Severed

The brief, three-chapter add-on runs parallel to Isaac’s adventure, and gamers will find themselves walking alongside some of his initial handiwork.

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dagamdagee2845d ago

At least it isn't something cosmetic or stupid like horse armor or jester clothes. Those seem more tacked on than this, but it's a shame Severed is so brief. Hopefully Visceral keeps supporting it.

jbomber2845d ago

I can't help but feel the entire project was rushed out the door *just* to get a out a DLC, you know? Visually and mechanically it's a good copy/paste job, but the content is severely lacking.

WitWolfy2845d ago (Edited 2845d ago )

2 hours max is a bit steep for such an expensive DLC Visceral should of known better. And maybe add some MP features too while they were at it Like humans vs Humans ect ect