GDC 2011 Battlefield 3 Preview -

San Francisco - It was enough just a few seconds. The tracks stolen a few sequences in-game, the play of light in the alleys in the Middle East, the architecture and the bright sound of bullets: Battlefield 3 we had already won with his elusive Teaser, carefully fitted to excite the curiosity of the most obsessive fanatics of the First Person Shooter.

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2fk2670d ago

BF3 equals =)
COD equals >=(

RockmasteR2670d ago

I liked the last battlefield, waiting for this!

ivant2670d ago (Edited 2670d ago )

BF3 and Warhawk 2 are the only games I'm eagerly waiting for this year.

theballa1130922670d ago

This will be my first BATTLEFIELD game! Besides from Bad Company.
Seriously, I'm more pumped up for this game then any other game!