Battlefield 3: 'A Game For Grown-Ups'

NowGamer: DICE's Patrick Bach has taken a swipe at Battlefield's "sugar rush" rivals, saying it isn't "trying to achieve what the others are trying to achieve"...

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2fk2842d ago

yup agreed...BF3 is going to be amazing....hey kids wana stick nine inch nails in each one of your eyelids go play COD

velocitygamer2842d ago

Of course it's a game for grown-ups. It's not for little 12 year olds that have fuzzy bluetooth headsets e.g cod fanboys.

OhMyGandhi2842d ago

fuzzy blue tooth headsets makes you a COD Fanboy?
I learn something new everyday.

multipayer2842d ago

It stands for call of duty quality, bad netcode, ugly graphics, "fuzzy" sounding headsets. No offense to your frilly pink headsets.

AAACE52842d ago

The more I hear about this game the more I want it! Sounds like exactly whats been missing.

I still don't get why people hate Call of Duty so much! It's just a game! Some will like, some won't!

Don't get your hopes up though, because like everything else, those little kids you dislike so much like to do what the big boys are doing. So they will show up in Battlefield 3 just like they did on Rainbow six games.

thugbob2841d ago (Edited 2841d ago )

Killzone needs to take notes from these guys. Instead of noobing KZ3 down for children. They should have built off KZ2 for grown ups.

This article has me hyped for BF3 now.

Looks like BF3 and Brink will be my shooters now.

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2fk2842d ago

why thank you i tried

SuperLupe2842d ago

Dont worry guys, wont be very long before the COD crowd moves to Battlefield if it delivers.

2fk2842d ago

don't worry bro it will deliver

KwietStorm2842d ago

Highly doubt it. Battlefield is a better game, but it won't ever sell COD numbers.

xVeZx2842d ago

i hope it does im very curious to see what else activision has after cod goes down like guitar hero did

cyborg69712842d ago

This can sell cod numbers. How many did bad co 2 sell 6, 7 million. It can happen and what will accelerate this is making the same cod as it has been doing since the forth one. Judging by the comments I read earlier from IW about creating a new engine next falls cod will be the same shit.

DarkSpawnClone2841d ago

it wont, cod fans are hardcore cod fans I'm sure a lot will get bf3 but they will all go back to cod eventually just wait mw3 will probably out sell black ops i would bet on it lol,but tbh i really don't need cod players in my battlefield games :P

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jimmins2842d ago

COD will have it's place, but the gulf could end being like quake 3 compared to Half Life

LoaMcLoa2842d ago

Hell is yeah?

I'd prefer heaven, but whatever.

TronEOL2842d ago

Damn straight it will be and it better stay that way.
I could care less for things like auto-aim or easy difficulties. All I want is them to stay incredibly true to the gritty realism of war.

If they change anything because the media doesn't like it, I'll be quite upset with them. The game will sell regardless.

James Vanderbeek2842d ago

never really got into battlefield games but this is sparking my interest. looks sick..

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