Every 2011 PS3 Exclusive In One Place

A comprehensive list of every PS3 Exclusive that has been announced to release during 2011

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stonecold32728d ago

thas why my wallet will be broke with all these games coming out this year. if i could find another 3 jobs i would glad to. and might still even struggle and with all the games and the e3 around the corner there will be more aaaa exclusive coming for the ps3 i hope sony can get eyeidentify eightdays the getaway 3 finished now since they got the eyepet game completed peace out ?

FACTUAL evidence2728d ago

Could of sworn nino kuni is also going on the DS....don't think that's an exclusive.

Omac_brother2728d ago

The DS version is already released in Japan but the PS3 version is very different, as it says in the article.

Surfaced2728d ago

Aside from a bunch of PSN titles I think that's mostly everything.

kreate2728d ago

what about titles like:

mlb 11 the show
ar tonelico
the agency
trinity souls
hyperdimension neptunia

Surfaced2728d ago

aha damn you're right! I knew it was missing some; I just couldn't pin them down. So tired right now.

Omac_brother2728d ago

I will admit, I missed a few exclusives. I was working from a release schedule for the UK and as we know next to nothing about The Agent, I couldn't include it. I agree with the others though.

kreate2727d ago

i dont mean the agent from rockstar.

Masterchef20072728d ago

2 many games 2 little money

MostJadedGamer2728d ago

I have been extremely dissapointed in PS3 exclusives, and 2011 is no exception. I have absolutely zero interest in all those games except for Socum 4 which I MIGHT get.

Redempteur2728d ago (Edited 2728d ago )

not intrested in either uncharted 3 or infamous 2 ?
you don't like action games do you ?

vsr2728d ago

@ dennis580 & @ Redempteur

Playstation games are not limited to one genre/userbase. It has a HUGE various genres. Not like casuals for wii and xbox360 .

MostJadedGamer2728d ago

I hated both Uncharted 2, and Uncharted. Have no interest in Infamous. Yea I like action games. The first game of 2011 that I am buying is Dynasty Warriors 7(March 29)

Redempteur2728d ago (Edited 2728d ago )

that wasn't the point of my post. dennis mentionned socom 4 so i talked about action games in général (infamous) or an hybrid ( uncharted ).

there are lot of good games on wii and 360 ( i doubt no more heroes 1&2 , muramasa the demon blade , tatsunoko vs capcom ) are for "casuals". Unlike you my intention wasn't to start a flame war but to simply ask a question..

ZeroX98762728d ago

I don't know what you don't like and what you like in the list, but at least there's a list for the ps3, because for other consoles, right now their not very good. Still there's the E3 coming this summer and there HAS to be more announcement from microsoft. I'm pretty sure microsoft got something cooking for their fans and Nintendo too. This year is shaping to be a great year in gaming history.

FOXDIE2728d ago

dennis580, lol dynasty warriors? oh rly? your interested in that shitty game over uncharted?


MostJadedGamer2727d ago

DW7 is bringing some MASSIVE innovations, and improvements to the table to revive the stale DW franchise. There most ambitious mode ever, and a very innovative new weapon system. Check out the links below.

MostJadedGamer2728d ago

Sad thing Zero is I buy almost nothing but multiplatform games for my PS3 since I am just not interested in the PS3 exclsuives

As far as Socum 4 the only reason I am considering is because of the complete lack of games to play(I am tired of going months without anything to play). I play very few games anymore because so very few games interest me anymore.

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