Razer Blackwidow Ultimate Review

This is our review of the Black Widow Ultimate keyboard.

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Letros2844d ago

I have one, its pretty awesome, it could use some better button layout for the media buttons, but that's my only complaint.

chasegarcia2843d ago

I got the regular BW.Awesome keyboard.

DraconicPanda2843d ago

im on the fence on getting this keyboard or the steelseries g6v2. i currently have a 1st gen g15 and i love it but recently i notice that my keypresses aren't registering like they used to, hence my desire for a mechanical keyboard. if anyone has used both please let me know which you prefer and why.

Roozium2843d ago

Razer products are crap = fact

rugis2843d ago

No, that is definitely an opinion. Unless you have some studies to back it up? Maybe some statistics?

Also, quit trolling.