A Return to Bat-Sh** Crazy First Person Shooters

The Game Effect: Thanks to the fine work at Epic and People Can Fly studios, Bulletstorm has slammed onto store shelves in a storm of sarcastic and vulgar glory. Gearbox will be giving us Duke Nukem Forever in the unbelievably near future, with plenty of bad guys, one-liners, and beer, if you can drink it before the aliens do. Now there's word of Serious Sam 3 landing on PC this year, too. It looks like it may be time to raise the flag of all things over the top, insane, bloody, violent and extremely potty-mouthed. Can I get an Amen?

It's interesting to see the recent split in FPS games...

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Entropic2846d ago

Hahaha... It'll be good to laugh again while playing some unabashed FPS vulgarity. Bulletstorm is leading the charge.

antz11042846d ago


Oh and the crazy, jacked up redneck wielding the chainsaw w/ a jack-o-lantern head in the pic above. That just SCREAMS mid 90's pumped up FPS.

Perjoss2846d ago

isn't that the cover of one of the serious sam games? anyway, for a game called serious sam it sure wasn't serious at all.

shadowknight2032846d ago

followed by duke, I hope they make an Unreal 2011 game or something that takes its roots back to 99'

ephellstrom2846d ago

I almost broke my fingers playing Unreal once. Long story...short story: fast gameplay.

KotC2846d ago

I hope they go even further and bring back games like Blood, Delta Force and Quake classic.

shadowknight2032846d ago

like doing HD remakes...omg

ephellstrom2846d ago

Oh, and this rocket propelled chainsaw needs to find its way into one of those as well.

Entropic2846d ago

That weapon looks like it's made for something like Gears of War... Heck, it would have worked quite nicely in Bulletstorm I think.

ephellstrom2846d ago

Oh man, if you could launch that thing into and enemy in Bulletstorm you could of then grabbed it with the leash to pull yourself to it!

Garrison2846d ago

I don't have a serious sam game but I downloaded the demo on steam and the game looks fun as hell, I should pick it up when I have the time to play it.