Aspiring Developers Take Note: Move.Me Unveiled at GDC

US PlayStation Blog - John McCutchan // Senior Engineer, Developer Support writes:

"Hi Gamers, John McCutchan, Senior Engineer with SCEA’s Developer Support team, here to tell you about an exciting initiative we’re unveiling for PlayStation Move during GDC this week. Later today, I’ll be giving a presentation on Move.Me, a new software application that provides academics and hobbyists access to PlayStation Move’s technology, enabling them to create entirely new applications using a PC, the Move motion controller, the PlayStation Eye, and the power of the PlayStation 3 system. We know many of you might not be able to make the trek to San Francisco for the show, so we wanted to give you a quick overview of Move.Me here."

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ksense2848d ago

interesting. most likely picking up Move with the socom bundle.

NYC_Gamer2848d ago

this will help bring many indie games/apps to PSMove

garos822848d ago

this seems really interesting, cant wait till 6 months down the line what the community will come up with.
i love being a lazy bastard whilst i get to enjoy other peoples hard work and programming!

Dannehkins2848d ago

This sounds quite interesting.

It's amazing what some people can some up with when given the opportunity.

blackburn52848d ago

In other words offical freedom to use the Move for innovative things rather then just forcibly hacking it like the other motion control device

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