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Mandaspt2844d ago

Another masterpiece from Team Ico. 2011?

Kon2844d ago

I highly doubt it. Maybe 2011 in Japan, 2012 in US

zeddy2844d ago

a lot of great exclusives coming out this year already so no need to push this one and save it for 2012.

ash_divine2844d ago

Yeah, I've been thinking the same thing for awhile. It'd be a waste to force this out in 2011 when we have so many other games to look forward to. (especially in the always-crowded holiday season.)

They should spread the games out a little more so that we have stuff to look forward to this year and in 2012.

Killzone3___2844d ago

i complete the game in the same day i buy it so i want it in 2011 :/
games are too short and easy for me :(

diefor2844d ago

We hope that arrives this year.

Mandaspt2844d ago

2011 for Japan I think so.

Burning_Finger2844d ago (Edited 2844d ago )

Holy ****. It looks beautiful like Uncharted 2... :)

I wonder what kind of game engine Team Ico are using..


Masterpiece games requires patience.. I want it to be the most memorable game ever created.

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