NGP: What It Means For The Future Of Handheld Gaming

TGH Writes: "Just like our Nintendo 3DS article prior we wanted to weigh in the good and bad aspects of the upcoming NGP system. Sure it has power but does it have what it takes to surpass its older brother the PSP and achieve DS like sales? Only time will tell."

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2845d ago
Moac2845d ago

It means a Portable that is far more powerful then my Laptop asus Ul30Vt.

Also I like the two touch panels. :)

miyamoto2845d ago

It means enjoying both dime-a-dozen inexpensive iOS & Android games and HD PS3 quality video games at the same time in or out of the house with spare change to buy more games because you cut your electricity bills in half compared to a home console machine.

ShadyDevil2845d ago

I have to agree with everything said by the comments. Crazy. The NGP will revolutionize gaming. If they add Netflix to it like 3DS it will be AMAZING.