TSA Exclusive: Dungeon Hunter: Alliance Hands On

TSA Writes:
Gameloft, one of the industry’s leading publishers and developers for mobile devices, are looking to bring another one of their flagship gaming series to the PlayStation 3. Modern Combat was the first Gameloft IP to jump platform this January, the adaptation, Modern Combat: Domination, being a fast-paced yet in-depth online shooter akin to genre king, Call of Duty, though only selling at a fraction of the price.

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bask_in_glory2482d ago

Brilliany. Definitely looking forward to which of Gameloft's series they bring to the PSN next!

Colossal_Red2482d ago

Let's hope they balance their focus between both platforms now. It seems to be working for them.

bask_in_glory2482d ago

One step at a time; the mobile platform is always where they are likely to win big.

Colossal_Red2482d ago

At £6 I would definitely give this a punt.

bask_in_glory2482d ago

Quite possible if GL do the same with what they did with MC:D (PS+ discount.)

colossalblue2482d ago

Looking really good, hopefully it's at a nice price point and can really get a good foothold on the ever-growing PSN

Brodiesan2482d ago

Discount goodness.