Five Revolutionary Games That Amazed Us

Throughout the course of gaming history, there have been several titles that revolutionized the medium, introducing new gameplay elements and allowing players to do things never thought possible within the realm of a video game. Bright Hub presents five of the most innovative games to ever hit gaming systems.

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Spydiggity2843d ago

what a crappy list. talk about playing it safe.

MWH2843d ago

lol, i too get this feeling sometimes.

Valkyre2843d ago

no metal gear solid?

fail.. epic fail....

Rageanitus2843d ago

My list is
FPS : Doom
RTS : Dune 2
Platformer :Super Mario 3
Fighter : super street Fighter 2
Dont know where to place this one (rainbow six vegas) only game that got the 1st person combined with third person right
rpg/fps : Deus Ex
Hack and Slash RPG : diablo