Impress your friends with these 7 facts about Bulletstorm

Bulletstorm was released to the world last week and the guys at, like many others, have been spending their nights brutally murderlizing baddies and giggling at dick jokes. Well except that they get to write it off as work.

Nick from has compiled this list of facts about Bulletstorm for you to impress your friends, amaze your family and pick-up hotties in the park. Ok well, they can’t guarantee any of those but it’s the thought that counts.

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WobblyOnion2845d ago

I haven;t picked the game up, because the demo failed to grab my attention. I've read a few reviews saying the demo wasn't particularly indicative of the final game..what do you reckon? Fact 8 : this game doesn't suck?

granthinds2845d ago

Dude, it's great fun. Lots of fun in fact. GET IT.

ianfelmore2845d ago

I hit this one in a two sittings and loved every minute of it! The profanities can get a bit much, but the range of weapons and how you can execute kills kept me glued to my TV.

Ognipode2845d ago

Well thanks to these comments you now know that you could turn them off, even though you couldn't originally find the settings.

granthinds2845d ago

I saw that! Makes me very happy. Now i'll let my kids play it... Wait a minute...

granthinds2845d ago

Showing off Bulletstorm facts at a party does not help you pick up chicks. Especially if i throw in a few dick jokes.

granthinds2845d ago

Oh, and that CliffyB vs Adam thing. Bleakness. LOTS of misconceptions there.

Veen2845d ago

Sweet article Nick, I'm loving this game...most of the so called profanities so far have simply made me laugh. Bad call on Fox News' behalf. An increase in violence attributed to playing games like this pfff! there is an increase in violence due to social and economical issues in your country and the best scape goat you can find is entertainment? Thats like blaming pencil manufacturers cause some kid stabbed another kid with and HB...anything as long as you don't have to face up to the fact that there are far more serious social problems attributing to the increase in violence.