Cnet: Gaming on the Sony Xperia Play phone (hands-on)

We've seen plenty of the upcoming Sony Xperia Play phone, otherwise known as the PlayStation phone, but less so far of its gaming capabilities. I finally got a chance to spend some hands-on time playing games on an Xperia phone at this week's Game Developers Conference, and while it's closer to a handheld gaming console than one might have initially thought, it's still a far different animal than Sony's current PSP or upcoming NGP, and in fact feels a bit more like gaming on an iPhone or iPad than anything else.

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BiggCMan2844d ago

I think the link may be broken, its not working for me. But based on the description, I already know how stupid the article will be. Again they go back to that "Playstation Phone" name, and then he/she says it feels more like gaming on an iPhone or iPad. Umm, it is a smartphone!!! It should feel like playing on a smartphone!!! Wtf man, this is a smartphone, not a Playstation device, why the hell do critics keep comparing it to one?