Assassin's Creed Brotherhood: PC vs. console comparison

Check this comparison gallery between the PC version and the console equivalent of Assassin's Creed: Brotherhood. Can you tell the difference?

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Bounkass2843d ago

Lol @ comparison... Everbody knows by now they're uncomparaible...

WhiteNoise2843d ago

Who cares. The last Assassins creed game on PC was a straight port that only had DX9 when the first game had DX10 :S

Join us tomorrow for another graphics comparison of the similarly graphically impressive game; Barbies Dream House!

cochise3132843d ago

why does people insist on comparing console to pc? This is just stupid. PC always wins. Some pc's can run games at the highest settings without breaking a sweat.

danmachine2843d ago

My 360/ps3 runs all its games on highest settings without a sweat


cochise3132843d ago

Lol lol you know what I mean.

DlocDaBudSmoka2843d ago

i dont make it a habit to bubble up 1 bubble ppl, but that shit was great danmachine.

Motorola2843d ago

Thats one benefit of having a console I admit, you can run everything on highest settings with NO problem. lol

Miths2843d ago (Edited 2843d ago )

Being a PS3 and PC gamer - roughly evenly split - I think it's still often interesting to see how much of a graphical difference there is.

And unlike PS3 and 360 comparisons, a PC vs. console comparison really shouldn't be igniting any fanboy riots, considering - as you point out yourself - it's not actually a competition (or at least an uttterly and completely one-sided one) but more a matter of illustrating how large or small the differences might be.

Edit: In this case it looks like the differences are negligible (aside from the option of higher resolutions, AA+AF and higher framerates on powerful PCs of course). Although it's a bit hard to judge given the very different lighting conditions in those screenshots.

kevnb2843d ago (Edited 2843d ago )

The screen tearing and framerate in the ps3 version made me wait for the pc version of ac2. this is no different. The pc version actually looks alot better than I thought, especially considering what the engine looks like in motion on pc compared to console. I mean if that was a comparison between ps3 and xbox 360 one group of fanboys would be very proud.