Just Cause 3: Can it be the best open world game yet?

Just Cause is going to be one of those titles that get progressively better as they go. For those of you who have been playing since the first Just Cause, you will know exactly what I’m talking about. The changes that were made from first to second game are absolutely astonishing, yet there is still a lot of work to be done. It’s almost easy to assume that by the time we see Just Cause 3 hit store shelves; it will be the best release to date. Some of the things that need to be worked on though, really need a lot of TLC. They are not up to par with the franchises potential thus far. Let’s have a quick look at what has been, what is, and what may come to be, on the island of Panau.

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trainsinrdr2843d ago

You know it aint right to stop and think about how you should approach a certain situation

FunAndGun2843d ago

Just Cause 2 IS the best open world game this gen in my opinion. It looked beautiful, it was huge, the amount of freedom and movement with the grapple and parachute were all top notch.

The story was a little goofy, but it was so much FUN! <-- the reason I play games.

ian722843d ago (Edited 2843d ago )

JC2 does look great and has fantastic gameplay, was just the story which was a letdown.
I still play now and again even after 60 hours or so gametime, it just doesn't get boring. So much to do and so much fun doing it, in a massive open world area.
One of my favourite games this gen. If JC3 can improve on JC2, then it will definately be mine when released.

sam22362843d ago

@ian: Who plays JC for the story?!

chak_2843d ago

There was no real things to play except destruction and mayhem, they need to adress that.

Missions were dulls, and I didn't want to do them. Voice acting was abysmal and the world was huge but empty.

If they can correct that was have an awesome game.

Still played it around 50H, doing pretty much nothing, but with a good story line and a more vibrant world it would be a goty

ASSASSYN 36o2843d ago

If there was ever a game that screamed coop!

Quagmire2842d ago

Ive had this game for 3 months. Never once have I played it. Do I lose my man card?