Xbox360Gamer - The new "Aberdeen" Xbox 360 Controller Q&A

Question time! Here's some more information about the new "Aberdeen" controller, direct from the development team from Microsoft, courtesty of XCN

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AstroZombie12848d ago

Baaa.... (doubt anyone but another scot will get that)

fossilfern2848d ago

fuck that controller is really grey ;)

BiggCMan2848d ago

Heres why I think this new D-pad will not make any difference. Its because the whole thing is still one actual button, as opposed to 4 separate buttons. So because of this, when you press a direction, your still moving the entire button, with a chance of triggering another direction. They need to make 4 separate buttons for the best D-pad, not this twisting crap. I would also like proof that it doesn't transition during gameplay, he simply says no in the interview, but doesn't give a detailed answer about why it doesn't.

IronFistChinMi2848d ago (Edited 2848d ago )

There've been a few in-depth reviews that state it doesn't transition. They've also stated that it's improved over the original design too.

BakedGoods2848d ago (Edited 2848d ago )

I bought this day one and it works great. The dpad is almost impossible to 'transition' during regular gameplay, and when you do 'switch' it the new dpad works much, much better.

In fact, I keep mine permanently 'transitioned' since I usually use the dpad for menus, etc.

Don't be hater, be a player.

KaiokenKid2848d ago

Hsnt this controller been out for a while?