Battlefield 3: First Singleplayer In-Game Screenshots Emerged

Check out some first In-game screenshots of the Battlefield 3 singleplayer mode.

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Agent VX2725d ago

The game looks absolutely amazing. What we don't see is the character animation, which really elevates this title to the graphic King of all titles.

Trunkz Jr2725d ago

Even if this doesn't beat CoD in sales, thr quality of this game looks amazing. It looks more like city then just a pathway to take to your objective.

deadpoole2725d ago

One game I know for sure Im buyin on launch day.

DeadlyFire2724d ago (Edited 2724d ago )

What do you mean if? You know this thing will sell faster than any CoD game with these kinda graphics.

I say it will sell at least 5-10 Million or double or more in next two years or so.

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bennj2725d ago

screencaps not screeshots !!

Ecekmaqile2724d ago

This game is awesome and i daily plays this game .