JoyPads: Top Spin 4 Demo Impressions

"Top Spin. I have heard its one of the leading Tennis games for consoles and this is the first time I have played a Tennis game. I know over here in the UK that the media and ex British tennis stars like to hype Andy Murray to win Wimbledon, but he his over-rated (personal opinion you either love it or hate it folks). Tennis has the appeal but does it have the execution on performing well in the gaming world? Prime examples will be with FIFA on how successful sport games can be but also other sports such as; NFL, NHL, Fight Night and the recent addition of UFC entering into the industry. So let’s begin on this clay surface shall we?"

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LeonhartX2844d ago

ARE YOU ON CRACK !!!! this is a verynice game don't listen to him !!!!

nemes1s2843d ago

He dont like the demo because, "no weight to the characters" (???) and ... "face expressions to be a big part in tennis games" (!!!).

Sorry but this is not critique, is totally nonsense.