G4: Battlefield 3 Preview

The visual improvement – certainly over Battlefield 2 but also over Bad Company 2 as well – is immediately apparent. As your patrol’s truck weaves its way through crowded city streets, the level of detail evident in friendlies and civilians, your fellow patrol members, even the truck interior and the way sunlight touches the world around you, is exceedingly impressive.

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playaplayer2697d ago

Just show us the console version too. We don't want another jaggie, pop in, low draw distance, low texture quality, no AA, sub HD pc port.

DigitalAnalog2697d ago

Is that you have practically described the "console" version.

-End of Line

theonlylolking2697d ago

Blame the xbox 360. The PS3 can look better but it still wont look PC quality.

hoops2697d ago

Blame BOTH the Xbox360 AND the PS3 this generation for fucking up PC multi-plat games.

Omar912697d ago .