NVIDIA and Epic Games Showcase DX11 Partnership at Game Developers Conference

DasReviews writes: "NVIDIA and Epic Games are teaming up at this week’s Game Developers Conference to showcase the latest advances in the world’s most popular game engine, Unreal Engine 3, which now offers even greater levels of interactivity and immersion..."

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Thrillhouse2847d ago (Edited 2847d ago )

Looking forward to screens and videos. I'm glad more engines are taking on DX11.

Even though Unreal Engine gets a lot of hate, a good developer can make great games using it, such as the Bioshock series, Batman: Arkham series, Mirror's Edge, etc.

multipayer2846d ago

Hopefully Epic themselves are planning on supporting DX11 on PC sometime soon aswell. Gears of War 3 would look awesome.

Mass Effect 3 should be in for a treat too.

Inside_out2846d ago (Edited 2846d ago )

I think Gears of war 3 already looks next gen to me seeing as no other game engine can look or do anything like this...

Gears has been such a fun franchise... says high and bye. Dice used Unreal for Mirrors edge...wonder why??? Gears 3 will do things on 360 that will leave the competition scratching their collective heads. Now if you want to talk PC, that's another story, with no end since the PC is an ever evolving system with no 2 PC's the same. There you can load the wagon, the mule is blind. I'd love to see those guys or any others reproduce the above train level above from 2006 on CONSOLES...good luck...

Let me throw a couple other console engines that excel in here...

Alan Wake and Remedy...

Halo Reach and the amazing Bungie...

awiseman2846d ago (Edited 2846d ago )

Cryengine says hi along with frostbite..ue3 does pretty graphics with 0 interactivity.

Both Cryengine 2/3 and Frostbit 2 have shown that they surpass those graphics and offer enviroment destrucivibility.<<not sure thats a word either.

john22846d ago

Site is down right now. Will be back online shortly

john22846d ago

Site is back online ;)

matey2846d ago

I dont rate UE3 its not even close to CryEngine2/3 and he says 3DS still cant run the thing yet ps3/360 can and they dont even use DX graphics the 3DS uses DX 10.1 graphics through Maestro 2G and Crytek has already seen a very powerful graphics hardware running on 3DS its Maestro 2G and said this could run our Engine and might port Crysis2 to 3DS now if 3DS can run MT Framework and CryEngine and Havok and Quantum3 then its a bit far fetched saying 3DS cant run UE3 it can run it in its sleep easy remember he said Wii can handle it but the games being made wont sell on Wii or of a different demographic/audience so Wii could run it and 3DS cant but wont port it too either i smell some rivalry between Sony/Microsoft/Apple meaning they want something over Nintendo and think UE3 is the answer because Iphone with 400 million fillrate no dedicated GPU ect can handle UE3 but 3DS 2x Picca 200 running 200mhz/400mhz/Maestro 2G and a 133mhz ARM11 as well as a dualcore CPU unknown cant run it what ever i think there will be games on 3DS using the 4 Engines i mentioned looking better than NGP UE3 games easy.