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Dart892723d ago

I was like homer whoop whoop whoop xDDD.

evrfighter2723d ago (Edited 2723d ago )

um blue balls now thanks DICE.

current gen fps all of a sudden now seems rather stale. Especially considering that place is going to be a fully fledged warzone complete with jets, choppers, tanks and massive destruction.

Thrillhouse2723d ago (Edited 2723d ago )

The lighting!
The models!
The animations!
The textures!
The particle effects!
The sound design!

Battlefield 3: It only does everything. ;D

JohnnyBadfinger2723d ago

looks far from real

but for a a game its decent

Pandamobile2723d ago

Yeah, the best looking game we've ever see and it looks "decent" to you.


2723d ago
NewMonday2723d ago

I want to see what multiplayer looks like, it's usually not the same standard

Jockamo2723d ago

btw, instead of watching the crappy embedded youtube video (not the submitter's fault), click the link and watch the original video.

it makes a big difference

Inside_out2723d ago (Edited 2723d ago )

" Based from pre-alpha software " says it all. If this is going to be the way the console version looks ( wishful thinking ) then I will be impressed...otherwise, it's just a tech demo running on some rig no one will be able to afford...still...

The lighting and smoke is phenomenal tho. The dog in the alley, the sun rays and the muted color palette ( the new norm ) all look fantastic and add to the realism. Some choppiness to the NPC's as they scurry about and not the best facial animation but who looks at that anyways in these types of game.

Dice/EA/Frostbite 2 has made the first move in it's Battle royale with Sledgehammer/infinity ward/Activision/iD...I can't wait to see what Modern Warfare 3 looks like. Modern Warfare game play footage will be on consoles, there is no doubt about that.

I like FPS's but this year there are some great TPS's releasing...hopefully these two will be released...this IS console footage...pre-alpha as well from a year ago...


Ghost Recon...

Army_of_Darkness2723d ago

If this quality is achieveable on consoles... Then daaaamn!!!

paintsville2723d ago

Wow. That frostbite 2 engine is amazing. This game will be awesome.

FunAndGun2723d ago

"Im fucked up, but Im up"


ian722723d ago

That made me LOL, "I'm up, I'm up, I'm fucked up, but I'm up".
That video does look great, looking forward to playing Battlefield 3 so much. My most anticipated game this year.

Commander_TK2722d ago

Of course this looks better than KZ3. It's the PC version.

ct032722d ago

Crytek just got *destroyed*.

It's also very refreshing to see trailer footage that's played with a mouse (hear that, Crytek?).

vickers5002722d ago

"Yeah, the best looking game we've ever see and it looks "decent" to you."

Best looking game ever? No. Crysis still looks better than this.

BF3 does look pretty good though.

teething2722d ago

are you kindding?

This is incredible looking. Sure, consoles will look only slightly better than your typical FPS shooter, but this is incredible on the PC. Just love the lighting and sound.

trancefreak2722d ago

Reserved for pc awesome sauce. Man I love battlefield this looks epic realistic! I'm just in awwww

TruthSeeker2722d ago

Buubles to trillhouse that was an awsome comment.

specialguest2722d ago

This is probably the most realistic lighting I've seen in a game to date.

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Hairy Chewie2723d ago

That was awesome. March 16th for the next clip. Building up so much hype, I'm not sure I can take it.

damnyouretall2722d ago

wow, i dont even want to play the console version now after seeing that pc footage. draging bodies is pretty cool not to mention explosions knocking you down. wasnt ready to get so pumped for this game yet, too long a wait

gypsygib2722d ago

Yeah, this game is seriously making me consider getting into to PC gaming, but it would be very expensive as I have to start from scratch. I'd even need to buy Windows.

hassi942722d ago


Not as expensive as some people make out! Just do your research, ask about on some computing/pc gaming forums and you'll find something for a good price!

gypsygib2722d ago

I've done the research, I'd need to start from scratch - I don't even have Windows, mouse or keyboard.

I figure I can make something that can run stuff at high settings for $1000 all in. I may do it in the summer.

ZombieNinjaPanda2722d ago


Go to our (n4g) forums. Make a thread asking what you should buy to make your computer. Trust me.

trancefreak2722d ago

The pc to console separation is becoming very clear. I dont mean that some games are just better because its on pc vs consoles but what pc devs are now bringing to the table.

Im so pumped for this!. Bad Co is 1 of my favorite fps games. When I got bad co 1 i played it till the disc wore out.

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Shackdaddy8362723d ago (Edited 2723d ago )

This makes makes me feel like... like...

RedPawn2723d ago

This game is a major problem, the animations, visuals, FUCK that transistion from the armoured vehicle was stunning in it's self.

New Level

Aither2723d ago

Freaking Aye Whoop Whoop is right!

Is this the console version? If so that is the Best graphics on console to date. Day 1 buy guaranteed.

On a side note the ending theme to this trailer and the teaser trailer always reminds me of the Terminator Salvation teaser trailer. :P

arjman2723d ago

It's PC footage, alpha build, when he was pulling the shot soldier there were wasd keys on screen

ct032722d ago

Just look at the camera movement. It's so fluid and smooth, couldn't be done with a controller.

hassi942722d ago

It's PC unfortunately. But this is pre-alpha imagine what complete could look like, and consoles will be a fair step down from that but may still be great!

ReservoirDog3162723d ago

The only reason I can't get into Battlefield games: the way the gun kinda bobbles when you walk.

Seriously distracts me so much I don't think I can ever play them. And sure enough, this does it too.

Looks amazing but it's just not for me sadly.

damnyouretall2722d ago

dang dude. try playin airsoft and run while holding your gun. you can kinda hold your gun steady while walking if thats what you meant. if your waiting for a perfect game youll be waiting your whole life.

TheObserver2722d ago

That's what you get when you play too much CoD.

ReservoirDog3162722d ago

Haha, yeah I know it's stupid but I just can't not look at it. I know it's realistic but it's all I look at. Nothing about perfect games and I know it's realistic. It's just like if the screen blinked blue every 2 seconds to me.

Could be too much CoD but I don't have problems with any other game. Battlefield just bobbles too* much.

Looks really good though.

arjman2723d ago

I am literally buying a computer for this game..

Thrillhouse2723d ago

Use this thread as a guide:

The first post is constantly updated.

damnyouretall2722d ago

yeah im considering buying a pc for gaming myself. only if i can put off all the games i want to buy this year. if i can do that i can build a beast

thewhoopimen2723d ago

it looks phenomenal in terms of the lighting, and polygons, but I have to disagree about the animation. Doesn't look to be mocapped except for the running. The map scene as an example.

mittwaffen2723d ago

Def not going to be stupid and get this for my PS3 or Xbox.

PC only for this shit.

NewShadow1012722d ago

i wanna see some ps3 footage soon. so i know if i have to start building a pc for this game. if the ps3 version looks good then ill save my money and get it for the ps3. i know it wont look like this but... you know what i mean...

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aviator1892723d ago

My jaw's on the floor right now after seeing that footage.

Shackdaddy8362723d ago (Edited 2723d ago )

I just punched my cat in the face from all the excitement... hes pissed ...

amilimos2723d ago

i honestly cant feel my face right now.I believe im foaming at the mouth. I know that is probably a PC clip but to be honest, its probably one of the best looking games i have ever laid eyes on. In my opinion, it is the killzone 2 e3 trailer come to life.

Simply stupendous DICE, i stand not only on my feet but on my lovely bed right now and applaude you. I am proud to be a gamer

Agent-862723d ago (Edited 2723d ago )

Ya, you can tell it's a PC clip when there is the one scene where he is dragging his guy to safety: you can see the WASD keys on the screen. So glad I have a rig to play this thing because it is going to rock.

Hanif-8762723d ago

This kinda graphics isn't achievable on consoles. I don't know why people build them selfs up for disappointment everytime. Hint, there are absolutely no jaggies ;-)

karl2723d ago

im pissed such an awesome game its coming and im not 16 anymore xDDD

aaah fucking youth wasted playing call of duty!... i hate myself

Thrillhouse2723d ago (Edited 2723d ago )

Everyone makes mistakes. The most important thing is that you learn from them.

You have learned well. ;D

tony67672723d ago

ok , deer call of duty fans u just got all served period

Jockamo2723d ago

so did killzone 3 fans, son

tony67672723d ago

i personally cant compare it with killzone , battlefield biggest threat is call of duty and its going to die

Jockamo2723d ago

considering this is not coming out on consoles anytime soon and call of duty is played primarily on consoles, i don't think they have much to worry about currently.

and it looks like pc owners are gonna need a hell of a rig to run this.

you should just hope this doesn't turn into another crysis. a game too beefy for anyone to play...


iv got an AMD Phenom X6 i think
4 gb of RAm
can anyone recomend a GPU for under £100 because im looking and its saturated with differant models. im overwhelmed lol. HELP!!

Forbidden_Darkness2723d ago

What are you talking about? Battlefield 3 is coming to both the Playstation 3 and Xbox 360 this fall along with the PC version. So, your comment about not coming to consoles anytime soon makes no sense.

Agent-862723d ago

@TROLOLOLOL, I think you can get a GTX 460 for that amount. I have two of them in SLI and they are great cards. Make sure you get the 1gb model, though.

360 man2723d ago

@ trol lol lol. 5770 is way u want mate


thanks for the help ima looking into it now...bubble up for you both

M4I0N32722d ago

dude, i recommend the Radeon HD 4870 its cheaper than the 5770 and outperforms it.

Check this link:

you should be able to get the 4870 for about £80-£90 whereas the 5770 is £10-20 more.

gypsygib2722d ago

I bought Killzone 3 and absolutely LOVE it, but when you're right you're right Jockamo.

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CrippleH2723d ago

Still you know those Call of duty fans will still buy nothing but call of duty.

oddman762723d ago

damn I was a little slow with this one you beat me to it. The game looks amazing I hope the multiplayer will be similar. Not sure if I can wait till mid march for the next part.

Pandamobile2723d ago (Edited 2723d ago )

Oh god yes.

Lol @ the people still thinking it was CG / pre-rendered cut-scenes.

xtrix062723d ago

its Pre-Alpha code...and yet still looks good..

Cant wait to see it polished and go Gold

cloud4952723d ago

its Pre-Alpha and still looks better than most games out there

AKA2723d ago (Edited 2723d ago )

who was thinking that?
it remind me of KILLZONE 2 people still think after all the gameplay videos that it was not gameplay.

im glad that this game looks this good, lets hope and see that in the ps3 play and looks aroudn this good or to a KILLZONE 3 level i will be a happy camper.

if you don't hope for this quality on consoles, then you are a PC fanboy, in case of a disagree

360 man2723d ago

Or a ps3 fanboy. Not wanting it to look this good on xbox lol

a_bro2723d ago

yea, this isnt pre-rendered at all. welcome to next-gen