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2011 is a great year for role-playing fans, and one of the first promising titles for JRPG aficionados will release in two weeks time: Gust’s Ar Tonelico Qoga: Knell of Ar Ciel. The game features a completely overhauled combat mechanic, a relatively interesting storyline, some unique characters, and a very clean – albeit somewhat lacking – visual style.

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Neckbear2817d ago

Now, you see, I know Reviews are supposed to be opinions, and I agree with the score, but there's something that bugs me.

And that something is the "Music" score. The reviewer compliments the tunes, yet I feel that score, alone, is quite...low, in an objective matter.

In a world where generic, "Epic", I-can't-even-hum-this, wait-there-was-music-in-that-g ame?! OSTs are the norm, I find soundtracks like the ones in Ar Tonelico to be not only refreshing, but a godsend. Those, "generic" OSTs we see oh-so-much get 8s and 9s, whereas AT and, for example, NieR get lower scores?

I mean, seriously. It's annoying and bothersome. Just a little complaint of mine, though, since, as I said, every other score is something I, perhaps, can agree on, even when I find a completly obvious lack of consistency in every, or almost every, review out there.