GAMERZ411 #4 – Provides Cybersex

JI writes: "In this episode of GAMERZ411, BangBangSami presents her investigation of so-called gaming service site and uncovers the nasty truth behind it. The crew weighs in on this topic and much more!

This episode also features:

1. Ubisoft’s New “Social” Game, We Dare (sure to be a favorite!)
2. Video Game Collector’s Editions – Are They Worth It?
3. Game Release Overflow in 2011
4. Battlefield 3 Trailer – Was That S*** Even Real??
5. 3DTVs – To Buy or Not To Buy?
6. Final Fantasy Dissidia Duodecim Discussion"

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Hitman07692669d ago

This looks like something out of a porno theater to be honest. I'm surprised more people aren't calling them on it. Great topics all around, I wish we had even more time to talk about it but we have to keep the length reasonable!!!

RXL2669d ago

keep the length reasonable?..

*resisting the's..wha t.she...said*

9thGenHero2669d ago

Gamecrush makes Evony look like Farmville, at least be direct about your services.

SpaceSquirrel2669d ago

Battlefield 3 looks very promising

Dart892669d ago

This is gonna get hot just cuz of da pix xDDDD.

bviperz2669d ago

Gotta love them Asians!

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The story is too old to be commented.