Motion Capture: An End To The Nolan North Monopoly

Play-Mag: We love Nolan North, the voice actor behind Nathan Drake, but he’s in a lot of games. Could motion capture open up the field to new and different talent?


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ShinFuYux2849d ago

Motion capturing actually puts the actor in a test to see how well of an actor he can be. While in Hollywood, it takes less talents nowadays to be an actor, in motion capture, you need to be more aware of your actions, your body language and such.

Motion Capturing is the true test of a real good actor.

ShadowArchangel2849d ago

lol Nolan North does motion capture for Uncharted.

A lot of his voice acting is also for random soldier #1, why would a company do motion capture for random characters that have a single line of dialogue inside a game play scenario. Not saying of course that he should do every Random Soldier #1, but you know, voice acting and motion capture are different even though they share similarities.

TABSF2849d ago (Edited 2849d ago )

There is a difference

Motion capture
Motion scanning

They are taking about Motion scanning, its easy to act but to show real emotion not many actors can do that.
What they are saying is it going to be challenging for Nolan North.

This is what they are talking about monopoly
He's been in Halo, Assassins Creed and obviously his most famous role as Nathan Drake in Uncharted.

ShadowArchangel2849d ago

I see. And I understand what they mean about monopoly, having watched the embed video recently. I also understand the difference between motion scanning and capture, but they call it Capture in the article.

They also ignore the fact that Nolan North has done soap operas and TV shows. Not as much as Video games lol

I really didn't know who he was until uncharted. I got amazed by how many games he was in later on while making fun of him with my friends (about the amount of roles)

TABSF2849d ago

Yeah your right they need to edit the title.
Its pretty crazy how many games he has been in.

PhantomT14122844d ago

@TABSF No, they're indeed talking about -traditionnal- motion capture. You can do highly detailed facial animation capture with mocap tech, and that's what they did with Avatar (the film), Enslaved, Black Ops, Tron (I think), etc.

Motion Scan is a completely new technology patented by Depth Analysis. I imagine the difference with traditional mocap is that it does not (only) capture the animations but also the entire model & texture of the actor's face. In that case, it would be the same deal as in Hollywood since the actor's appearance would remain unchangeable.