David Hayter Talks Video Games, Snake, and Current Projects - gamrFeed

gamrFeed recently had a chance to have a nice chat with David Hayter, who along with being an actor and screenwriter is also widely known for his portrayals of Solid Snake and Big Boss in the Metal Gear Solid series.

Hayter spoke about how it feels to be inseparable from the character of Snake, how he feels about people coming up to him and asking for a brief performance of the "Snake Voice," and his thoughts on some of his favorite video games.

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2fk2849d ago

best voice actor ever....cant wait for another MGS

BeardedGamerShow2849d ago

Great, talented guy. Love that audio opening.

swirldude2849d ago

"OTACON! I'm being interviewed by something called gamrFeed. What do I say?"

" about playing Nuclear Strike with Nathan Fillion over some beers!"


naznatips2849d ago

rofl the soundbite at the beginning is win.

YoungKingDoran2849d ago

lol. disagrees? geez he wasnt saying HE hated hayter

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