Six Games That Ruin Relationships

XBA writes: "One of the biggest cliches in video games is that if a gamer is in a relationship, that significant other is tolerant, rather than outright accepting, of a gamer’s favorite hobby."

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Warprincess1162848d ago

Well those games would not ruin my relationship. I would join my bf and play those games with him.

bwazy2848d ago

Homosexuality isn't a life choice Warprincess and I respect what your all about, but all in all, we don't care.

Scottyabanks2848d ago

"Don’t believe me about how crazy this shit gets? What if I told you that my dumb ass picked playing Pokemon Blue with my buddies over “hanging out” with a girl in her hotel room, alone, during an 8th grade trip to Washington, D.C.? MY BLASTOISE NEEDED VENGEANCE."

You sir, are I better gamer than me, your devotion to your love for gaming is impeccable and admirable, because I would have totally said screw Pokemon and went to that hotel room. Maybe that's why I never caught them all.

bwazy2848d ago


Your gonna catch em all!

Scottyabanks2848d ago (Edited 2848d ago )

I seriously lol'd right off my couch. For real though, I played Pokemon up to Gold and Silver and just couldn't keep up with it after that. I did catch 'em all in Yellow, with Gamesharks' help of course.