New Homefront Live Action Trailer

We are only a mere 2 weeks away from the highly anticipated Homefront game from Kaos Studios. At GDC 2011 this week there is plenty of Homefront advertisements everywhere including a planned anti-North Korea rally that is taking place tomorrow in California.

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xxxAnubisxxx2846d ago

Great trailer. I really hope this game delivers!!!!!!!

AEtherbane2846d ago

Good to know the writers of the classic Red Dawn are behind it....
Looks cool though.

yarbie10002846d ago

This game is gonna be a huge hit...I feel it!

JLesinski2846d ago

If this game isn't awesome I'm going to be very disappointed

RyuCloudStrife2846d ago

ok so this game is like another CoD Xbox is preferred...

thrasherv32846d ago

Nope. It was actually ported over to the 360 from the PS3 :)

Eternus2846d ago

Nope, PS3 and PC as well.

hiredhelp2846d ago

The_Science_Guy You sound like you doing a fanboy shit. im a ps3 lover. but i aint no fanboy you give us level headed ps3 gamers a bad reputation.

no exclusive its multi do some homework whatch your words next time m8ty. or your bubbles will get popped.

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2fk2846d ago

i wana try out homefront it actually looks good...but idk i wish they had a demo/beta

ASSASSYN 36o2846d ago

I am 100% certain I saw there was a demo coming. But I bet it will be one or more months after the game drops. That tends to be a method to reach gamers that have yet commit after all.

2fk2846d ago

yuck i hate when they do !

SpitFireAce852846d ago

Same here man! i cant believe they don't have a
beta or demo out yet...

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