The Crying (Video) Game: Characters That Make Your Junk Go, “Huh?”

Every now and then game developers like to screw with us. Sometimes that is in the form of an Easter egg and sometimes it’s an inside joke. In some instances…it’s something slightly more confusing…to our junk. A few of the characters that may seem like they belong on a centerfold but you would be in for a big surprise if you saw them nude.

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Warprincess1162816d ago

:O wait, kaine from nier is a guy. I played that game and beat it and it never hinted at her being a guy. I know their a male shade that inside her but that does not make her a male.

DanielRCampbell2816d ago


It strongly implies that she is a shemale if you read the extra bits after the new game +. It has a fairly long story about her and her grandmother.

Prophet1122816d ago

I thought in the Japanese version she is a hermaphrodite/Futanari.

DanielRCampbell2816d ago

You are indeed correct. It is implied that she is a hermaphrodite in the text story seen after completing the main game. ;-)

Inception2816d ago (Edited 2816d ago )

Lol at Kaine

1st time play Nier
"wow, nice ass! nice tits!"

after finish it
"errr...forget it X_X"

DanielRCampbell2816d ago

Same! I even went so far as to tell myself, "Well...I never actually saw a I can still say I never got an erection while looking at something with a penis."

-Gespenst-2816d ago

I thought Kaine just had the soul of a man or something. Not the body (I.e. a dick.)

DanielRCampbell2816d ago

It never actually comes out and says, "she has a penis". But it is hinted at in a few places where people call her "freak" and "not really a girl."

FailOverHero2816d ago

Notice which region all these games boom from and/or are aimed at