GameInformer: User-Generated Missions Infiltrate Infamous 2

GameInformer put four short missions through their paces to see what Infamous 2’s user-generated content has to offer. The first mission – Save The Cathedral – tasked Cole with escorting a group of allies through a slew of hostiles in order to disarm a bomb.

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Zermeno_902696d ago

oh OH god!...i need to change my underwear.
thats freaking awesome!!

Hanif-8762696d ago

Wow, this is amazing that puts this already triple A game into a new category not yet known lol

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theunleashed642696d ago

hey guys i have a question are these the actual side quest's or side missions like the first game? or are these just user generated missions to exist along side the suckerpunch made side missions?.

KingDustero2696d ago

They'll be in the game world for you to go up to and start. They'll be along side the official ones. I'm guessing the creator chooses an area for the mission and thus places the "Mission Start" point by it. User created missions will have a different color to them so you can tell them apart from the official ones.

There'll still be official side quests too.

eterry2696d ago

yeah i thought i was excited for the game before, i think they need to create a new word to explain how much i want this game now

ginsunuva2696d ago (Edited 2696d ago )

Doesn't Motorstorm Apocalypse also have an objective-making tool for multiplayer?
LBP really started a revolution.

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