Killzone & Gears Can Suck My Bulletstorm

Last week Rudy Colon was out of commission with a pretty nasty virus (am feeling better now thank god). When Rudy was finally able to walk outdoors for some fresh air, Rudy Colon went to his local GameStop only to be stuck with a choice; purchase Killzone 3 or purchase Bulletstorm? Rudy Colon played the beta for Killzone 3 and the demo for Bulletstorm and was impressed by both. Rudy Colon never touched a Killzone game in my life but have heard very positive things about the franchise with the beta leaving me wanting more. The Bulletstorm demo on the other hand, though short, impressed us at sfx360 even more with its “Kill with Skill” way of gameplay.

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2fk2697d ago

i like Bulletstorm but KZ3 offers more...and dont dare try Gears 3...gears 3 is going to be beyond impressive

Neckbear2697d ago

Will you take quantity over quality, though, or will it be the other way around?

I'd obviously take the latter, myself, even when I've yet to pick up Bulletstorm thanks to a lack of budget.

Baka-akaB2697d ago

well obviously if you make it sound as if those two werent quality games to begin with .

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INFECTED5032697d ago

I'm sure its good and all but no way its better the KZ3! And Gears 3 will be nothing more then Gears 2.5! Already a pass! Nice review though!

Bigpappy2697d ago

I think this guy really likes BulletStorm. Anyone else notice?

Der_Kommandant2697d ago

you sir have earned yourself a bubble

MGRogue20172697d ago

Bulletstorm is rubbish imo..

floetry1012697d ago

I often refer to it as garbage of the finest vintage. Nothing wrong with that.

trounbyfire2697d ago

times out this is fake report this crap.

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The story is too old to be commented.