The Purpose of Video Game Music

I often hear a lot of debate over what aspects of gaming are more important that another. While most people can probably agree that a fun game needs to have good gameplay (not that I think many of those people even knows what that means) the next most important thing I find is graphics, with music placed lower or last on people's list.

As a musician, its kind of sad that the value of video game music is under appreciated in the video game world, especially when it clearly has such a huge fan following, or at least I feel produce the coolest fan materials. Its also sad that while graphics and storytelling plays a role in reviewers decision making, music almost goes unnoticed, or at the most it gets a side mention, never the attention I believe it should get.

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2fk2846d ago

the music is suppose to put the mood in the game

Xander-RKoS2846d ago

It can definitely set the mood, but can also relay more information than just that. It can be used as an indicator, it can set a specific tone, it can be used to make idle players pay attention or feel emotional just from being somewhere or doing something.

It has mechanical and aesthetic purposes.

2fk2846d ago

yup agreed...i just didnt wana get all technical with it u know

Sunny_D2845d ago

So it isn't quiet when you play.

Tommykrem2845d ago (Edited 2845d ago )

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Apart from that the article certainly isn't bad!