3 reasons why no SSF 4 Arcade Edition for the consoles is a good thing

Original Gamer: "The big talk right now in the fighting game community is not about Marvel vs. Capcom 3, but about Yoshiro Ono’s comments that Super Street Fighter 4 Arcade Edition would not be coming to consoles. Arcade Edition is a combination of changes to the characters along with the addition of new characters to the roster. The current number of new characters is currently unconfirmed, and although I’m a little upset at his remarks, I can understand why Capcom wouldn’t want to bring it to the consoles. However, I think there are some better reasons for the holdout instead of Ono’s “it’s already balanced” reasoning."

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rajman2818d ago

AE will come as DLC for consoles, Ono trolls alot and even admitted to trolling in an interview. Plus the X360 achievement list of AE was leaked before any announcement of AE had even happened, link:

Warprincess1162818d ago (Edited 2818d ago )

One word: Photoshop. Ono said it himself recently that arcade is not coming to consoles. Now i don't care about arcade. They did not add any new females fighters and evil ryu, oni akuma and yang looks cheap.SSF4 is already unbalanced with blanka so i really don't want to add more characters that cheap.

rajman2818d ago

lol did you miss the part where I said Ono admitted to trolling? And those pictures of the achievements were leaked even before Oni & Evil Ryu were even revealed and yet there they are in that list, also when someone showed those pictures to Ono his reply was "hmmm interesting". It will come as DLC eventually, also if you think SSF4 is unbalanced because of Blanka then sorry your knowledge of the game is poor.

armycore2817d ago

It's true, Ono is a troll. He kept denying AE for a long time as well.

kneebreaker2817d ago

I played AE a while back...Honda sucks now :(

GamingBuddha092817d ago

either way the only way we'll truly know is when captivate 2011 rolls around in april. still how will japanese fighters react when they compete in american tournaments.

jackmoulder2817d ago

More SSF is always good, however, some things need to stay in the arcades. How else are they gonna make money?